happy new year!
2011 was filled with so many great business accomplishments for me, and i'm expecting nothing less for 2012. my first big goals for the year are to get my blog & website redesigned and create an e-commerce site for the things that are overflowing in my workshop. erika did an amazing job on my new blogsite, right?? she really doesn't hold herself out as a graphic designer but don't let her fool you--she is. drop her a line for her rates if you're interested in hiring her for your logo, website, or blog work and i bet you can sweet talk her into taking your project on.

as far as my new site, i wanted to bring everything under my name (since my business is dayka robinson designs, afterall) and make the branding cohesive, and for me that started with my visual look.  i really liked my old grey/yellow look in the beginning, but it wasn't too long before i felt like it really wasn't a good representation of me. my website has been up for almost a year now, but i never talked about it here because there were a few things i just couldn't get right. so i'm really excited about rolling out my new look & sharing my new updates here with you! my website isn't finished yet, but it's coming shortly. also, if you sign up for my free thrifting tips (on the right) you'll also have access to my brand new newsletter which will feature the latest vintage furniture and accessories for sale in my store plus great design tips. 

there are a few things i don't want to forget to mention:

  • did you know I'm on Pinterest? i've got almost 2,000 pins on more than 40 boards, and they're full of some pretty good stuff. i love to find new people to follow on Pinterest and am great about checking out people who follow me (I get notifications each time you do), so check me out and I'll do the same!   
  • did you sign up for my newsletter yet?? don't be sorry you missed out--make it happen in the little box before you forget!
  • you'll notice that my official blog address is now, but those of you who have on your readers will still be redirected. i'm hoping that your readers/dashboard will update as well, but if not i'll get a hold on that this week. 
  • my about, portfolio, press & giving back pages (in Navigation bar) are now done! check me out.
  • don't forget to follow me on Twitter, where you'll always see pics of my projects and get first peek at my latest finds.
in all the craziness of my business changes and finishing up this huge commercial job, i still haven't had a chance to get in a quiet space and make goals for the year ahead. i plan to make it happen soon but until then, i'm focusing on getting the last of this branding stuff knocked out and finishing up this project. bare with me and maybe i'll share some of my goals. 
hoping 2012 is off to a great start for you....    :)