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I think I've already mentioned the big residential & commercial project I've been working on since the end of September, right?  Well I'm now in the final 2 weeks, so I'm going to start sharing a few mini reveals. First up is this old Queen Anne sofa that was originally in the Executive Assistant's common area. The bad news is that this is the best "before" photo I took (I hate when that happens!). The good news is, the "after" is sick. 
Pieces like this come a dime a dozen, most likely made in the '80s with that standard, traditional law firm-ish fabric. You can probably find someone selling one on Craigslist for $250, but you shouldn't pay more than $50 (okay, $80 if you really want it). We reused the sofa for its great lines and also because the client wanted to repurpose as much as possible (which is totally up my alley).  In keeping with their new red, white and blue logo, this Navy chevron Schumacher print was the go-to choice.

Even sitting in their garage and with pics taken from my iPhone, it's pretty bad. And that's bad meaning good. The legs were originally going to be painted white, but since the floor is also white (vinyl plank!!), keeping them wood tone helps visually ground the sofa to the floor.

And another close-up. 
This is why I LOVE refinishing and reupholstering furniture! It keeps beautiful old furniture out of the landfill and gives you a truly one-of-a-kind creation in the end. I really, really believe your home should reflect your journey & lifestyle and I encourage my clients to think out of the box (especially those that aren't keen on reupholstering) when it comes to sourcing furniture. There are 3 parts of my job that I love the most, and one of them is definitely reupholstery. Now I'm not saying that someone else won't go out and do a Queen Anne sofa just like this one, but we'll always know where they got it from!