My chairs are finally done & home! If you follow me on my new Dayka Robinson Designs Facebook page you've been privy to a few sneak peeks as my chairs have gone through reupholstery process (and no, the awful upholsterer didn't get his hands on these). I sprayed the frames then dropped the chairs off to have them reupholstered in a punchy Duralee print (which unfortunately has no name, only a product number). You can see the rest of my plans here.

 I decided about 1 day too late that I didn't want the tufting on the back, so it took me a minute to decide how I really felt about the tufting + pattern combo once it was complete. To be honest, I actually agonized over it for a bit...then decided all was okay once I saw them in my living room.

It's such a huge transformation and again illustrates why I always reach for vintage furniture when I have the option! 45 years ago, someone probably saved up to buy these chairs and they sat in a formal living room virtually untouched for decades (evidenced by the excellent condition I found them in). And now, in 2012, they've been given a new lease on life along with a jolt of color. I'll tell you what...inspiration & ingenuity will do it for you every time.

As you can see by the tape on the trim in the photo above, I'm in the process of trying to do a lot at my house (prepping for paint is kray!). But finally, the chairs are done, and my club chair will be back this week. So now, share your thoughts! You like?? Does the pattern + tufting drive you crazy??