If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know that I not only love vintage furniture and accessories, but I LOVE lamps, especially vintage ones. And after finding a pair of can'tlivewithout'em lamps, I love nothing more than to turn my attention to  lampshades and finials. And understand this--there are only 2 ways to do a lamp right. The first way is to pick out the right scale and shape lampshade and the other is to select the perfect final, which is the equivalent of earrings for your lamp. Think of your lampshade as the hair, and the final as the earrings. 
Opaque Glass Lamps, $2650, Pieces
Choosing a finial for your lamp is a visual process. There isn't a specific formula to selecting the right finial, but visual balance is key. And the whole process is pretty easy. If the lamp has a ton of detail, you don't want to select a scene-stealing finial.

Dana Gibson Gothic Brown Ginger Jar Lamp, $250

 However if you have a lamp with a simple, sleek design and pattern, feel free to take it up a notch on top.

V&M, $1850/pr.

One of my favorite go-to finials is a cylindrical lucite number, but I also keep a few super simple brass, nickel and chrome versions on hand for when I need the bare minimum. And then there's these, featured in the March 2012 House Beautiful.

These handwoven finials are made in Africa and sold via Chic Shop LA. And even though they're a splurge at $55 each, they're also a scene-stealer. 

Agate finials are not new to the finial market, but they're still super fab. All the way live.

And I might be a little on the late show since I haven't seen this wood finial before, but it's truly the bizness (both via Chic Shop LA).  
So how do you dress your lamps? Do you pay special attention to the finials or just use whatever's handy? Or do you (gasp) use the lampshades that don't even require finials?? Do tell!