Greetings from sunny California! 
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here (and even a cold compared to ATL weather) and even though I'm here working, it's been great to be back home. This time I'm back for 2 reasons--(1) to see my 9 month preggo BFF who is due to give birth in about 2 weeks (soooooo excited!!), and also to help clean out and pack up my grandma's home as she prepares to move-in with my mom. And even though I've been super busy, I found time to do a bit of thrift store shopping and hit the MF jackpot  at a thrift store I've long known of (but never set foot in because it always looked like trash from the street). Just another reason not to prejudge. I've never found anything worth shouting about while thrifting back home...until now. This little hole-in-the-wall store got my heart beating fast and my palms all sweaty, and for a moment I thought I was back in Atlanta. 

Wish I would've taken this pic at eye-level because the iPhone did not accurately convey the sheer fabulousness of this pair of brass lamps. I don't know how else to describe them, so I'll just say brass lamps, but imagine me saying it all breathy-like. OMG....and the price was stupid too!

If you don't hear anything right now, it's because you're actually hearing the sound of me not breathing over this pair of vintage campaign chests in pretty d-good condition. 3 drawers each, all drawers work perfectly + all hardware is accounted for. $100 FOR. THE. PAIR. (normally this is a little steep for my frugal self, but these chests can be very hard to find so I'd make an exception in this case). Did I also mention they are solid wood (imagine me jumping up and down)??!! Yup. They also make me think of these except, dare I say, the 3rd drawer makes them slightly better (and no diss to Emily because I love her!).

Gorg! Pair of cane-back Louis XV chair (or French chairs for those of you here from Google!) with rust-colored velvet seats (in excellent condition) AND nail head detailing. Caning is in excellent condition. Don't remember how much these are, but they're basically a song and a dance. 

Hello breakfast nook!
I spotted this set of 4 French arm chairs and immediately thought of a sweet little breakfast nook with a round dining table featuring these chairs refinished/reupholstered, and some really amazing bold graphic wallpaper to really set the room on fire.  Or something eclectic, chic, & beautiful like this:
Maybe I should go back and get those...?? 

LOVED this mirror. It's generally a bit ornate for my taste, but I could totally see it in lieu of a headboard in a bedroom or anchoring the most perfect dressing table. $160, and totally worth it because when will I find something like this again!!??

And this sweet baby mirror that I bought for my BFF's sister. She's making her old desk into a makeup table and needed a special mirror and this totally fit the bill. I loved the detailed carving and even the as-is ochre-ish color...and it didn't hurt that it was only $15. 
So in addition to everything else I have to pack & ship, I'm having to make last minute decisions today because I'm headed to Washington tomorrow! Wish me clarity and good decision-making...I'll share what I decided on next week. Oh! And before I go, I got something pretty special back from the upholsterer's last week. I even used it for a photo shoot already!!
Just wait until you see it...