Ana Donohue

If you're looking for an excuse to fall off the wagon, the universe will provide one. That's what I've learned. It's not enough to simply claim to care about yourself; when you believe that you're worthy of the space you occupy on the planet, you demonstrate that by insisting that every last one of your choices--from the food you put into your mouth to the commitments you put on your calendar--moves you toward the life you want.

Oprah, O Magzine

I've missed doing these Friday inspiration posts.

My office has been a total wreck for more weeks than I care to remember, so last weekend I finally started sorting through tons and tons of papers and tons and tons of fabric samples to reclaim my space. As I worked through reorganizing my inspiration board, I came across a pile of quotes that I've clipped from various magazines and made the decision then & there to climb back on this horse. So TGIF is back, kicked off with a tidbit from one of my favorite ladies for inspirational quotes, Oprah. I read this last weekend have have been thinking about it all week. Quite simply, if you're looking for an excuse not to do something, the universe will indulge you. As a good friend of mine always says, thoughts become things so mind what you think about!