When I first started reading blogs I used to spend hours--and I mean HOURS--reading blogs and commenting. I found blogs that I loved and have stayed with most of them over the years, but there's nothing like finding good new (to me) blogs. Here are a few of my new faves:
Danny & Mara Kofoed are quite possibly, the cutest couple evah. They were set up by a mutual friend and exchanged emails for 3 weeks during which time they fell in love--without ever hearing each other's voice or meeting in person!! Fast forward and they're now married and recently did a blog series where they shared many of the original emails to document the path of their relationship (and share their story in the most authentic way possible!). Reading them felt like a sneaking a peek into such an intimate part of their life but it was so inspiring! Their blog is all about positive love--for your husband, your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, family, friends, but most importantly, love for yourself. How can you not love them already?? Check them out here.
Charmaine's blog isn't new to me--I've actually been following her for about 2 years (which included a blog break) but she's back and just completed a pretty sweet bathroom renovation for her kids! I wanted to blog about it this week but since I'm already on the subject, here's a preview:
And here's the before:
Ok, ok, no more! Charmaine is a girl after my own heart 'cause she's got great design taste and is an ace vintage shopper. Love her blog! Go here to see for yourself. (Oh, and her best friend Craig? I think his last name is List.)
Ok, so B@T is definitely not a new blog but I just stumbled across it earlier this year in conjunction with The Everygirl. Danielle Moss is a graphic designer, professional photographer , co-founder of The Everygirl and I can always count on finding great photography on her blog. My favorite type of lifestyle blog is one with an entrepreneurial edge because I'm always fascinated at seeing how other people live and reading about the successes, struggles, and lessons in their businesses. Danielle's home has been featured in Rue but she just signed a lease on a new place last week, so I'm excited to see how she fixes up her new digs.  See more of Danielle (and her work) here!
How can I name-drop The Everygirl without including it here? Though it's not a blog, The Everygirl is fully of daily inspiration & motivation focusing on career, finance, food, living and the like. To ensure I don't miss a thing, I get my updates sent directly to my email and always look forward to reading the career features. Don't miss it!
I just found this blog! Michelle is an Interior Design student who keeps it funky and fresh on all things Interior Design & fashion-related. She even has an Etsy shop that has some gorgeous custom pillows made out of vintage quilts. See more of Michelle here. 
Jessica's  blog is another I recently found and by recently, I mean Friday. Her blog is chocked full of gorgeous spaces, but what really sealed the deal for me was a group Twitter conversation we had over the weekend with a few other ladies + a gentleman about what other than Fifty Shades of Grey? She wrote this hilarious post about not liking the book (the graphics are so funny) and I reached out to her on Twitter to tell I loved her blog but was also a FSOG fan which resulted in an international Twitter movie casting with some naughty new lingo to top it off. It was one of the best nights I've had on Twitter in awhile, so I know she's my kinda girl. Check out The Aestate here (and see her guide to Louis-style chairs here).
Round 2 coming soon!