1. I picked up 2 new clients this week who both have projects I'm excited to work grateful for that.
2. This post by (my blog friend from way back!) Katrina of Chic Little House, made me grateful for my best friends. Reading her post made me miss being back home and having them around to hang out like we've always done for so many years. Truly, there's nothing like a real friend.
3. My granny turned 90 yesterday and is still spry!
4. I stumbled upon an article this week on Facing Your Fears by Richard Branson. It was an excellent read and just the thing I needed to help me navigate some new opportunities and drum up the courage to embark on a few new ideas. 
5. Lunch dates. It's nice to take a break every now & then, and it's even nicer when someone unexpectedly offers to pick up the tab. Grateful.