This was a very cool last minute job that stumbled in my lap when a stylist was needed last minute. My fave photog called me with questions about kitchen styling and rather than try to work it out via text, I volunteered to do whatever styling was needed and raced over. 
This newly renovated house is stunning and in a quaint & historic suburb of Atlanta called Avondale Estates. The homeowner (1/2 of the couple) was super sweet & so accommodating! Because I arrived straight from the fabric store I had zero styling props on hand but Lindsey was gracious enough to let me scour her house looking for styling props. 
The kitchen shot took the longest because I didn't have enough of any one thing (like fruits/veggies, bread, etc) to make an impact, but I was able to pull it together using what we had & I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Can you believe this marks my second published styling job this year?? Crazy how fast time is flying, but I'm also a bit awed by (and grateful for) how much I've accomplished in less than 2 years of business. Thank you all for being so supportive and stay tuned....some really exciting news is coming tomorrow!