Found these amazing vintage Mid Century chairs for my client's sitting room and new they'd be perfect. This is a His & Hers set, which is not quite what I had in mind, so I had my upholsterer build the "her" up to match the size of the "his". Didn't know they could do that?? Yup, you'd be surprised at what's possible with a skilled's one of the reasons I love sourcing vintage furniture! 
I used Thom Filicia's Prospect in Shadow on the outside back & arms (new language I learned from my upholsterer--outside back, outside front, outside arms, & inside--the proper way to spec a job like this) and Waverly Strands in Sterling on the front. Strands actually wasn't my first choice, but I loved the reverse of the fabric together with the Prospect, so I went with it. I stopped by to check on the progress yesterday & I LOVE how they're turning out--can't wait to see everything together! 
To see more fabrics from their project, go here
**The idea of a "his & hers" set is very smart, seeing as we women are clearly incapable of sitting in chairs "sized for a man". Thank you, Thoughtful Chair Designer.