I have more than 2,000 photos on my iPhone.
I use my phone to take pics everywhere but mostly of the amazing furniture I come across in my daily jaunts across the city. I take pics of things I buy & the things I'm not so sure about (the ones I need to "meditate on") to be certain it's something I really love and can't live without. There is nothing worse than missing out on something amazing and vintage...a one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find gem. I save pics of the things I've purchased and missed out on, mostly to torture myself but also as a reminder that I have to jump on something special when I have the chance! Friends who know me know I love a deal...a steal, really, and even when I get one, I rarely leave the register without wondering if I could've finagled an extra $10 or $15 dollars off. I think it's engrained in me. So today I'm sharing pics of amazing things I've missed out on. For a furniture lover like me, looking back on some of this hurts, really. I don't know what I was thinking!!
This set of 4 gorgeous, vintage royal blue velvet dining chairs (with a huge brass ring pull on the back!!!) didn't have a price when I first saw them. Was told to call later, and when I did I was informed that they were already sold. You can't imagine how pissed I was! I didn't call back fast enough and as a result I lost out. Lesson learned. (did you see the scalloped detail & claw foot legs??)  
Dragged my feet about the price on this set. Loved it, but I wasn't in love with the price. I actually saw this same herringbone patterned rattan/bamboo wrap on a long console and pair of end tables that I passed on (as well) at a separate thrift store. Later I decided it was really unique and the price wasn't quite that bad ($300, maybe?). Unfortunately it was too bad, so sad for me--it sold. 
I will NEVER get over this, do you hear me?? NEVER. Worst mistake of my life (and mind you, I have made some doozys). EXCELLENT condition. GORGEOUS rust color (a little more rust than shown in pic). VELVET (I'm in a velvet phase this year)!!! PERFECT color for my office. Only $90!!!!!!! Didn't get it 'cause I only wanted to pay $75. Also didn't have room in my garage/storage and didn't want to put it in my house without first being cleaned. Just hang a "dunce" sign on my back, please. Losing this one hurt like a mother....
One of my other favorite routines is "I don't feel like dealing with this now", and that's when I decide I'm apparently "not in the mood" for a deal. So someone else dealt with this structurally perfect wicker pair. $30 each which, by the way, I thought was a bit too much. I only wanted to pay $30 for the pair but once they were gone I decided that $60 was really a reasonable price. Too little, too late. 

 Every time I see this photo it takes my breath, my heart feels like it actually skips a beat. This ranks right up there with that velvet rust sofa...stupid, stupid, stupid!!! A pair of carved Century-style Ming chairs with a clover detail on the back. These didn't go fast so I thought they were safe and I could hold out for a discount. The thing is, I NEEDED these for my living room...seriously needed. I was devastated to find out they sold because I thought they were hidden where no one could find them. I heard, however, that the people who bought them were overjoyed...I'm secretly hoping one of the legs breaks (kidding!). I'm too embarrassed to tell you the price, so I won't.

 Okay, this crystal chandelier was $75 at the Goodwill which immediately turned me off. I don't ever want to see anything at Goodwill marked for $75 because it boils my blood (their pricing is so inconsistent!). However after I left and thought about it, I realized it would be at least 2.5 times that price at a vintage shop (and closer to $300, realistically). Went back to get it but it had already been snatched up. 
**can I say THE Goodwill? Or is it just Goodwill?
Vintage Lee Industries velvet tuxedo sofa. Decent enough condition that it could've been cleaned, but I had to take it right then and since I drive a sedan (!!!), I had no way to get it home. I also didn't have a place to store it without it going in my house uncleaned (that's a real no-no, see this post). LOVE the classic detailing and the contrast piping, although I would've eventually had it reupholstered. $60. I feel a tightness in my chest every time I look at this pic....this is EXACTLY the sofa I want for my living room (yes, it's pretty much the same as the other, but this one is LEE!).

This caught my eye and I thought it was gorg but I wasn't in love. I posted it on Instagram (@daykarobinson) and everyone told me to get it anyway, especially since it was only $19.99 (Goodwill pricing is crazy, I tell you) and in excellent condition. Left it there but got home and remembered I had a gorgeous grey linen that would look amazing on this with white lacquered trim. Went back, gone. Not terribly upset because I would've been selling this's a little too traditional for a Dayka sofa.

Really interesting vintage quilt. Loved the red & white scheme and organic pattern. $40 +20% off. Didn't want to pay more than $25. Left it and came back a week later. Was still there, so I expected a price break. Didn't happen so I left it (thought that strong ballsy move would help me out the next time). Came back the next week and it was gone...just like that. 
Vintage Knoll office/desk chair. Ooh I want one of these bad!! I'm currently in the midst of my office redesign (I wasn't at the time) and have been through enough desk chairs to know I need something comfortable to support this precious heiny of mine all day (in the meantime, I always end up working from my bed). Love the classic style & shape, it's Knoll and it was on wheels. But did I get it? No. Why? Because I wanted a deal, of course! Now this wasn't super cheap so I didn't miss out from a bargain sense, but this is a style you have to jump on when you find it. Reminds me of a similar one that Windsor Smith reupholstered for One Kings Lane.
So I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing some of the things I haven't scored, mainly because of my indecisiveness or cheap nature! I really try to decide on spot if an item is something I can't live without. If it's something I know I'll be thinking about later, I'll make the purchase even if I don't have a place for it. If I'm not sure, I'll leave it because I've definitely wasted money on things I was pressured to buy or bought on impulse. While I consider myself to be an expert in sourcing vintage furniture, it still takes quite a bit of thought for me to decide which pieces are worth taking and which are worthing leaving...and as you see I don't always get it right! 
Now it's your turn...any great finds you've missed out on lately??