Big thanks to all of you who came out to my event at FLOR Atlanta last Thursday! 
Truth be told, this was my first solo speaking event (no panel, no group, no nothin') and I was a bit nervous beforehand, so it was great to look out and see a mixed group of both old AND new faces. 

I spent my time in the spotlight talking about my path to design and how I use patterns in my interior design work. For me "pattern" extends beyond just fabric prints to textures & shapes, especially in my use of vintage furniture. I love (and specifically look for) pieces with great lines and detailing and love to see how these interesting shapes play into my design details. I also created a few design boards with fabric memos to give the audience an idea of how I pair fabrics and how FLOR rugs would work with each scheme....

Special thanks to the FLOR Atlanta & corporate team (Jennifer, Kimberly, Kathleen, Georgette) for coordinating such a fun event--I had a blast and am truly honored that you chose me to be your Atlanta designer!