My father unexpectedly died less than two months after this photo was taken, the day before my birthday. Of course, if I would've known with certainty what was to come I would've taken more photos, asked a few more questions, & shared one last NYC hot dog with onions (our favorite),  but somewhere--deep inside, I think my spirit  knew that that end was near.
5 years later, I'm still so grateful that we were in a good place and no stone was left unturned. He always talked to me about how he didn't want to suffer in death/illness, so it makes me happy to know that in the end, he went the way he wanted to go which was totally fitting of his personality. But as a loved left to deal with the loss, grief can become quite the peculiar companion. I always correct people when they say it gets better over time because that's just not the truth--it never gets better. You'll never get over it & the pain will never go away...but the passing of time does allow you to develop ways to handle it better, so each time you think about your loved one you don't have to drop everything and retreat back to bed (like in the early days). 
I woke up today with my father on my mind and thought of this quote I found on Pinterest...
I'm grateful to have had him as a father so today, I'm thankful for (and thinking of) my dad, Dr. Bennett Robinson.
Hope you guys have a great weekend!