The last half of this year has been all about taking chances, stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing past fears.
I had a mid-summer come-to-Jesus talk with myself and found that I'd been pussy footing around...you know, not really doing the things I need to be doing for some unrealistic & unknown reasons. My end of summer talk at FLOR? I was deathly afraid (I can say that now with confidence) but am soo glad I ponied up and had the experience. There were great takeaways for me too, which is great because I actually love speaking to people and never would've learned so much if I hadn't jumped in with both feet. So....fast forward to September, when I was asked to submit a design concept for the 2013 Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House--you know, the one where Lindsey Coral Harper pulled this BOMB move last year?

Of course my immediate reply was "no".
Nope, not for me, probably won't be picked, seems like a lot of pressure, no, no thanks, try again. Then the final tour date came along and I decided to tour the house juuust in case, because you know--it can neeeevvver hurt. And low & behold I found a space I liked and thought, hmmm...maybe I can do this, so I pulled together my concept and submitted my design on the very last day with about 30 minutes to spare. The space I loved was the Telephone Nook, a 45" wide niche that I thought would be perfect to get my feet wet in the world of show house design. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to convey and how I (as a designer) wanted to come across in the room, and I came up with this:

Vintage Modern. Glam. Sexy. Totally my style. 
I was super happy with my concept (yup, that's floor to ceiling nailhead trim) so imagine my surprise when I found out that...my design was selected (!!!) and I would officially be one of the 2013 Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House designers (yes, that is my exciting news!). But there was a caveat, and that was that they wanted me to design a different space other than the one I'd submitted for...a larger space (hallway + staircase) that I hadn't laid eyes on, and I only had a short amount of time to make a decision. I initially wanted to turn it down but after further thought (and in keeping with my new get out of your box, jump-and-the-net-will-appear, Just Do It mantra) YOLO came to mind and I said to myself, "hey, if not now, when??". So here's what you should take from this post:
(1) Yes, I am designing a space in the 2013 Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House and I am super geeked. Like, ecstatic.
(2) I'm following my own advice and doing what I told myself I'd do this summer, even though it's a bit scary. In the past I'd define myself as a "know all of the answers, get your own net and pull it out if it needs to appear" type girl which is MUCH different than my new "leap and the net will appear" self. I'm excited, anxious & slightly scared, but I know that it's going to be amazing in the end (and I think I'm even going to wow myself).
(3) You'll get to follow along! Installation is in 6 short weeks, so you know where much of my time will be spent doing going forward. Pics, concepts, etc., I'll be sharing my process with you and you'll get to see first hand how I pull it all together. Now that RSA is done, I'm in full-on show house mode and it's time to get this bitch rockin'. 
Le' go.