If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's.

Good stuff, right? I shared a small bit with you guys this week about where I am and the new leaves I'm turning over. One thing I'm finding (yes, finding) is that success is hard work--more discipline & integrity than anything else--and there's no direct path to it.  I love to read about how other entrepreneurs do business and I get at least 3 daily emails from business coaches that I rely on to keep me on track. But with that being said, I know there is no direct path and what works/worked for a colleague--even if we're in the same industry--will not necessarily work for me. I just finished reading The Alchemist this week & if you've read it, you know it's all about finding and following your Personal Legend. Everybody's true calling is different, even in just the smallest way, because we are all different. The major roads may be paved, but I'm finding that this journey is going to require some off-roading through the woods...because that's where MY path is. Wherever each of you may be, I hope you can find the courage to chart your own course and follow your truly is the only way to find YOUR treasure.