The chairs are done!

My client was originally leaning towards a white sofa but ended up selecting the Carrie sofa in Navy Blue. In an effort to keep the room light we went with a beautiful, kind of shimmery White Sand-ish colored linen (a lot of descriptive words there) on the front of the chairs and a smaller, woven diamond print on the back. LOVE. A little bit of fun on the back while still keepin' it prim & proper on the front. And I can't say it enough...if you have the chance to use vintage furniture in your design, USE IT. The shape on these chairs is knock-down, drag out gorgeous and they can be reupholstered again and again for years to come. I'm actually kinda jealous and not-so-secretly wish I'd kept them for myself!
Install happens tomorrow. 
Stay tuned for pics next week but in the meantime, follow me on Instagram or Facebook for updates!