I am safe in uncertainty, there is no place that God is not.

This is my favorite affirmation and I repeat it to myself all the time. 
As I talked about last week, there's a lot of uncertainty in being an entrepreneur but beyond that, there's a good deal of uncertainty in life itself. Things are constantly changing and while I welcome change (losing weight, better jobs, new friends, higher salary), it also means that I'm having to give up much of what I currently know to walk boldly forward into the unknown--and that's frightening. I know without a doubt that it will all work out in my favor but the lack of control and ability to see exactly what lies ahead gives me anxiety pangs from time to time. Some of the unknowns are minor and others are major (at least to me), but I press on because at my core I believe what my affirmation says:
There is no place that God is not.
What I leave you with today is this: create a personal affirmation--something you can say to yourself over and over when you need a boost or personal pep talk, to remind you that in spite of what it may look like now, things will all be okay in the end. Because the truth is, it really will be okay in the end. Everything good that's supposed to happen in your life? It will. Even if it comes later than you'd like or in a different way (or through a different person) than you expect, it's still coming. Those dreams that seem like they're impossible? They're not. Remember that life is always working in your favor. What's for you is for you and no one can take that away.