Let me totally honest--being an entrepreneur is hard.
There's nothing like the thrill of having a dream, a passion that becomes your life's work and feeling the fire in your belly to pursue it no matter what. But for a person like me, skepticism can become an unwelcome companion and as much as I'm constantly pushing forward, it's always there in the back of my mind asking:

 Is my work good enough? Does my work matter? Am I enough? 

This is a lonely road, ladies & gents.
I have friends and family here to support me & cheer me on, but most of the heavy lifting has to be done on my own...and you have to have balls of steel to get in this game. I like to say that entrepreneurship consists of a lot of faith work, leg work, and unfortunately, sometimes no work, but these are the lessons that build strength, determination, and a drive to succeed. Above all, I know that I have to believe in myself first before I can expect others to do the same. And I don't just mean believing in your person, but I also mean your message, the quality of your work, your values. The strongest professional networks, best life coaches, and most meticulous organizational abilities can't make up for the fact that no one can really get on my team if I don't first get on my own team. If you go at it long enough and approach your business as a Pro (and not an Amateur), entrepreneurship will bring some stuff out of you that you did not know was there...and some of that stuff is downright ugly. 
Irrational fearsInsecurities. Jealousies. Ego Trips.
Yup, I've been dealing with them all.  Still, this is a road I wouldn't trade for anything.

Believe it or not, I never imagined myself to be an entrepreneur growing up because I never thought I "had it in me". I thought this path was only for the born hustlers, A-1 salespeople, and those with an undeniable "it" factor...and truth be told, I've never seen myself as that person. Imagine my shock when, 15 years later, I found myself at a crossroads and exploring, with genuine curiosity, the path that came most natural to me. I wanted to go to law school as long as I can remember (took the LSAT & even did a few campus tours) but decided instead to take a chance on something I loved...Interior Design. Fast forward another 3 years and I am doing it(!!!). I've taken the road that I never thought was for me and I have fallen in love in the process. I'm proud of my accomplishments & success, and I'm learning to be proud of my failures as well. To have only been in business since November 2010, I am overjoyed with my progress and the business I've created from essentially, nothing but a seed of an idea.  What I want to leave you with today is this: Believe in yourself. Give yourself a chance to rise to a standard that you don't even yet know is possible. Be honest & realistic about your fears, but don't allow them to hold you back and miss out on everything good that you don't even know is headed your way. Strive to be and do better. What does that specifically look like? Only you know the kinks that need to be worked out in your life but I encourage you to begin the work.
Before you take pride in being the one who others count on, know, trust & believe that you can count on yourself.


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**oh, and I left "love" out of the word mix but it's very important on this path. there would be nothing without love.