I feel grateful everyday that I've created a life where I can wake up & do what I love. 
My work is an extension of my life, and I love Interior Design. I have a passion for design in general--I love a beautifully designed space & the way it makes you feel when you walk into the room or turn the page in a magazine. My philosophy is that your home is the most important place in the world. And that's not because of what's in it, but because of what it represents or should represent (see RSA). Safety, security, peace, it's your only real intimate space--the place where, when you walk in the door, you can truly be yourself--hair in a ponytail, bra off & housedress on (or whatever that means for you).  
I love that the first thing people want to do in a completed space is touch things...even if it's a concrete countertop or a non-textured wallpaper, they want to run their hands across it to see what it feels like.  I love that you can look at someone's home and pick up clues about their personality. Do they like bright colors (fun)? Have lots of "stuff" (organizationally challenged)? Are the walls packed with images of family & friends (people/family oriented)? See tons of books (avid reader)? Lots of toys in main living areas (kid-centered)? Houses give off clues to the types people who inhabit their spaces and as a designer, I love walking through a new client's home and making the assessments. I listen to what my client's tell me about their lifestyle but I also listen to what I see.
I love design because I love my work. And I don't just mean fluffing the pillows and doing seat tests on sofas, I mean the process of design. For me it's the perfect mix of art & business, though the business is what takes up most of my time. Left brain & right brain, working in harmony. It's dealing with workrooms, ordering from showrooms, billing, invoicing, scheduling, project managing and a lot of hand-holding. But then there's also the magazine reading (research!), product sourcing, being able to take advantage of the perks (like private events & exclusive pricing). And then there are the days when it's all about the creative process. I love to pull a ton of fabrics and edit down from there...I obsess over each selection because I want people to love the work I do for them & feel like I captured a part of themselves that they couldn't put their finger on. I especially love it when clients are afraid of a certain choice--be it a bold paint color or pattern that they'd normally shy away from--only to find that they love it in the end. 
The truest forms of artistic expression are from the heart & based in love.  I don't have to vibe with a specific designer's style, but I do want to feel them in their work...because that's what I want for myself. As a designer, my goal is to help you fall in love with your home, be it apartment, cottage, estate or loft. I'll insist that you only live with what you love and will most likely bring you some vintage pieces to use somewhere, because that's what I believe in. I believe your home should be a reflection of you & your life. Traveled the world? Let's bring some of that in here. Love art but don't have a budget to match? We can start small & local (plus I know some great artists!). Whatever a client's needs/desires, I have a passion for this biz & love to help people create the spaces they'll love coming home to...And THAT'S why I love design.
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