I love the freshness of a new design project. 
One of the first things I do when pulling together my concept is draft my ideal space for my client...and part of that involves a bit of research in the form of culling inspiration images from everywhere. Once I get an idea for how I'd like the room to feel, my next stop is fabrics, then flooring, then furniture & lighting. I know every designer has a different method to their process but for me, my love and heavy use of pattern dictates so much of my design so that's where I start! 
I recently landed a new commercial project for a CEOs office (he is a man, if the title didn't make that clear) and I started (lightweight) sourcing inspiration images over the weekend to get my juices flowing. Here's what I'm thinking so far... 

First meeting's this week & then sourcing starts! 
I love seeing where the process leads.

**ooh--checked off a goal this weekend. more on that later in the week!