Ok, so I'm excited. 
I pushed myself to do something way out of my comfort zone--I originally wanted to say "no" to this space-- but I have to admit, my room at the Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House has come together pretty well. 
Like, I'm really happy with it. 
(every time I see that carpet I die a thousand times...I LOVE it)
When I look back at the original photos and see how far the space has come, I'm kind of blown away...and although it sounds a bit poppin' my collar-ish, it's the honest truth. I knew that I wanted my space to be bold & eye catching, but it also had to be modern...maybe not exactly what I'd have in my house, but definitely the same vibe. And I think I achieved that. But in true Dayka-fashion, I obsessed over that space. And when I say obsessed, I mean I actually sketched & painted the design on one of the walls in my office because I wanted to live with it for awhile and see how the colors would play together (and I'm glad I did this, too, as I ended up changing the order of the colors). Your eyebrows might raise if you knew some of the crazy things I do when I'm in the midst of designing a space!
The hallway & stairway leading to the apartment was a challenging little space--small (with a LOT of wall space), tight, a main thoroughfare (which means lots of traffic jams & maneuvering), has sloping floors, 3 different ceiling heights, lots of fire alarms/fire lights/exit signs/random doo-hickeys on the walls and is just not architecturally all. I knew I wanted it dark & dramatic, so that's what I went for--kind of like a "go big or go home" type of thing, except I had no plans to go home. 
Yesterday, when we had a private event at the house, my heart skipped a beat every time someone walked in, looked around & said "Wow". That's what I wanted people to feel when they walked into my space & to be able to hear that kind of reaction felt truly amazing. 
So now the bad news.
I can't show you any real pics until JUNE, since Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles has first publishing rights and their story on the house & all the designers will be in that issue. Kind of sucks, but in the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy the teasers! 
What's next for me??
Lots of Inspiration House events & parties over the next 2 weeks, plus getting back to client work that's been on hold. Installation was crazy with a few really long days, but the one thing it definitely reminded me is....
I love my job.
I love my life.