I wanted to write this really good post last night, but I was exhausted by the time I got home & fell right into bed. And of course I'm up and running again! So in lieu of a great long post, I'll leave you a few pics & tell you the story tomorrow. 
So remember how I planned to do this for the Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House?
Well I was asked to do a different space and had to come up with another concept, since the nailhead thing I loved was totally out of the question with the high ceilings/larger space and all. So here's the space I ended up with, which leads into an upstairs apartment. Lots of light, plus you have to walk through it to get to the apartment, so it's kinda sweet...
And here's my concept:

Bold, dark + that any surprise??
And so I don't hold you in suspense for too long, here's a peek of the carpet I selected-- which I LOVE--going down:
Now I gotta run...drapery (chartreuse!!!!) & lighting go up in about an hour, plus a little styling on the back end--the fun part.
'Till tomorrow, loves !!