This little girl is 34!!!!

But I don't feel a day over 25. 

Oohhhhh, baby Dayka.
Your life will be fantastic, full of twists and turns that you can't yet imagine, and even when you think you're falling off the path and not doing "what you're supposed to be doing", you'll find that you were actually doing what you were supposed to be doing all along. 
You are not a typical child.
You are grown, and very inquisitive. 
And you've never met a question you didn't like. 
Sassy from a young age...but you got it honestly. And your sense of humor has always pushed the envelope which is challenging at a young age...but quite funny when you get older.
It will take you until your 30s to realize that these are all great qualities, and they are gifts that only you can provide, in the unique way that you provide them.
You'll struggle with figuring out what you want to do with you life.
You'll feel like you're being left behind when everyone graduates from college and hops into some pretty cool sounding careers and interesting grad programs. 
But you'll just be there, standing on the corner of WTF Street and Confused Avenue, wondering what to do next. 
But in a way you can't yet imagine, all of those tiny little oddly shaped puzzle pieces will come together to form a pretty sweet picture. And you'll find yourself doing work you love, with people you love. And you'll find that your mother is one of your favorite people. And you'll quote your grandmother often. And you'll be thankful & grateful for your sister--not wishing you were more alike, but aware that your differences actually make you better. 
And you will miss this guy forever. 
You'll be courageous about figuring out your spirituality for yourself--asking the hard questions and finding that sometimes "I don't know" IS the courageous answer. And that will be enough. 
Even with the valleys, speed bumps & road blocks, you'll be incredible.  
So don't try to change yourself or for anyone else. 
Learn to love your name--one day you'll find that people will actually be able to sound it out and get it right the first time.
 Celebrate your assertiveness--it's a good thing.
Lean into your quirks more.  
And remember that people's reactions are more a reflection of them and less of you. 
You are smart, kind, & important. And just as you are, at any given moment, 
you are enough.  

Happy Birthday (to me).
34 is gonna be amazing.