Since I shared my goals for 2013, I'm starting a monthly check-in to (publicly) keep track of how I'm fairing. 
So here's the round up for January:
  • Created & mailed out New Year's cards for the first time since college! Loved these & so did my friends and clients. Will definitely do this again next year & I've already got an idea in mind!

  • National press coverage! 
  • Dropped a few more pounds (only about 5, but 5 turns into 10 before you know it!)
  • Photographed my space at the Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House--so far I'm 1/1 with taking professional photos of all work this year!
  • Got my BFF's birthday card in the mail and to her door a day early...that's HUGE if you know my track record over the years (now if I can mail the other one her pants this week, I'll be doing good work)
  • Had a really, really good dinner with a great friend that was long overdue. I'm marking this under the "Have Fun" category. 
  • Read everyday: I'm currently reading Marianne Williamson's The Law of Divine Compensation and I love it. 
Does this month seem slightly boring?? 
If so, chalk it up to the fact that I've been consumed with Inspiration House stuff. But this weekend is the last weekend the house is open so make sure you come out to see everything before we have to undo it all next week (thinking about that makes me kind of ill).  
Thursday-Friday, 11am-5pm.

Don't miss it.