Monday will mark 34 years on earth for me.
I can't even believe I'll be 34. 
And what really gets me is that when I think about getting older, I only think about it in reference to my I can't believe my friends from high school are 34 now.
When did they get so old??? 
Then, of course, I remember that means that my day is coming very, very soon. 
So in honor of D-Day, here's my simple list. 
I'm really an easy girl! 
(well, not that kinda easy)
The Downtown Field Jacket. Sherry has one of these and I obsess over it every time I see her with it on. J. Crew apparently discontinued this number then recently brought it back again. It's lightweight & fabulous and since most of my clothes don't fit anymore, it's only right and decent that I get one of these. 
A geode ring. I'm into rings lately & I'd love to rock a huge stone like this. It doesn't even have to be expensive and I don't care where it's from, I just want one. It's very "gal about town"-ish. 
Vitamix. The mother of all blenders. My old blender went home to be with the Lord 2 weeks ago and breakfast (lunch & dinner) have not been the same since. If you know me, you know I'll whip up a smoothie IN A's my cure-all for anything. Sad? Make a smoothie. Hungry? Make a smoothie. Need something to eat while watching Scandal? Make a smoothie.  I need one of these in my life...I'd never have to worry about it breaking again.
Stripewise Chemise. I love maxi dresses and this number from Anthropologie fits the bill. There are certain things I buy and then wear until the threads scream, beg & plead for their dear life because I love them so--this would be one of those items. 
My friends would know it as my 2013 dress. 
The Big Book of Chic. I love design books, and I love Miles Redd's design aesthetic. 
Design book + Miles Redd= Miles Redd design book
It's a no-brainer.
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. I've been wearing the regular Be Delicious for years....YEARS. I still get tons of compliments, but I'm ready to switch it up and ran across this number which smells amazing. If you're shopping for me, just throw it in your bag.
Wasabi Pear Nest Candle. I love candles...I think I've mentioned this time and time again here. I obsess over them but am so particular about my scents--I can't handle anything too musky and too much floral gives me a headache--that I can never make a decision unless I'm going for my tried & true Mango candle from Ergo. Nonetheless, I'm digging this Wasabi Pear number from should come home with me where I can burn it while wearing my Downtown Field jacket over my Stripewise Chemise that's been sprayed with some Fresh Blossom while I make my Vitamix smoothie to drink while I read my books. 
Everything really does go together here.
The Things That Matter. I'm saving this for another post but I'll tell you quickly, I watched Nate on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday last weekend and it was, hands down, one of the best interviews I've seen in....ever. It was, like, life changing (or perspective changing, if nothing else).  I have raved about it to anyone who'd listen, and the folks who watched it agreed with me, too. So much of what he said resonated with me as a person and what I believe for my design aesthetic. I've wanted the book since it was released (it's been sold out everywhere around here), but since watching the show I want it desperately. Like, with a palpable passion. 
So let me make myself clear--I'll scratch my eyes out if I don't get it
I'm excited for this weekend. 
Everything and nothing is going on, plus I'm getting together with friends I haven't seen in ages and when we get together...crazy things happen. 
I may or may not Instagram it.  
Still, you should follow me & see for yourself.