Can you believe I have the balls to be writing a February wrap-up post when April's almost here?
Well I do.
After my birthday it seemed like I didn't know how to hit the reset I should just continue the celebrating throughout March. So I have. But now, it's back to real life, and I'm still committed to my monthly wrap-ups so you know how & what I'm doing. 
So here's my February in a nutshell:
  • Closed out the Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House. Great fun & awesome learning experience but I was glad to get everything out & put the room back to its original state. My first show house experience is officially done & done!
  • Lots of planning meetings for my CEO office project. We had a tentative install date of April 1, but my client decided to make some changes to the budget so we've taken a few steps back in an effort to get forward. Crossing my fingers that we'll be installing soon!
  • Several brunches, one of which was with a new friend (# 8) at my new favorite brunch spot in Atlanta, Rosebud in Morningside. Now I'm Paleo so I'm not supposed to be doing biscuits & gray--I know. But Rosebud has THEE most light, delicious & fluffy biscuits with this exquisite sausage gravy, and it makes zero percent logical sense for me NOT to order it when I go, so I do. And I love it. If you're in Atlanta & need a new brunch spot, check it out.
  • Lots of RSA planning meetings. If you can believe it, we're doing a Spring project just on the heels of our 2012 transformation and it started this month. I'm finally doing a room again this year--which I'm really excited about--and we've got some big thangs poppin' for the organization. Stay tuned.
  • Wrote a pretty comprehensive post on some things you should know when designing a show house. I get lots of questions from designers who've never participated in a show house about my experience and how I approached my space. This really sums it up...and it's pretty good info. 
  • Read The Four Agreements after seeing Don Miguel Ruiz on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. It had been on my radar for awhile, but watching the show pushed me over the edge. Book was really good--I highly recommend it!
  • And certainly not least, I got THEE sweetest birthday package in the mail from a fellow blogger who I've connected with over the last few months via email. I was blown away by her thoughtfulness--not only with the specific items she selected for me, but also by the fact that she thought enough of me to do anything at all. (PVE, I think of you every time I walk in my house & smell Wasabi Pear...I still can't thank you enough!). It's truly incredible how connections can be made in the most unlikely circumstances.