It feels like we were just doing this a few weeks ago...
but that's probably because we were! 
In an effort to get back on a Spring schedule we're already undertaking our 2013 Room Service Atlanta project. This year we're back at the United Methodist Children's Home but on a much larger scale--due to an overwhelming interest, we're doing 2 cottages instead of 1. Yup, you read that right--double the rooms, double the designers, double the transformations, and even more opportunities to be of service to young adults in need. Last year we tackled the worst space which was Sam Bell, one of the boy's cottages (and it being "the worst" was relatively speaking). This year we're doing both boy AND girl spaces (Williams & Smith, respectively) and everyone's had a chance to pick which gender they'd like to design for. When we decided to do the girl's cottage last year I mentally claimed an apartment for myself because I have tons of fabrics that would work perfectly for a girl's scheme and plus, what designer doesn't love to work magic in a girl's space, especially when you can do whatever you want??  But when it came time to select my room a few weeks ago, I ultimately decided to go with a boy's bedroom, because I think boys rock. And I've never designed a masculine space with zero creative direction.

I am so excited.

So the pictures of my room are above. One of the things I first loved about these UMCH cottages are the architectural details--high ceilings, 6' windows, + thick base & crown mouldings. I spent the weekend pulling e v e r y t h i n g out of my fabric closet and came up with a fabric scheme I love, so I'm pressing forward. There are still so many deets to work out, but at least I know what I'm working with now.

Scout's honor I'll show you this week.

  With an install week of May 12, we've got about 2 months to work our magic and no doubt it will all get done and be just as incredible as our last makeover. And speaking of our last makeover, have you seen our video from the last project? If not, take a minute and check it out...I promise you'll be blown away.