"There" doesn't exist. It simply doesn't.

Every time you get close, your ceiling becomes your floor.

But let me first, back up.

When I came home on Monday and found a postcard in my mailbox from Patricia saying I was missed in blogland, I figured it was high time I get back to my duties.

Then when I was at the gym later that afternoon and got a text from Cris with a very similar message, I thought, "wow...this surely is a sign."
And then a phone call from Helen after my workout was like God himself speaking and saying "girl--quit fooling around and get back to that blog!". 
So from God's lips to my ears, here I am. 
And this is what's been on my mind this week. 
It's great to hear people list my accomplishments and how far I've come...but I don't always think about it in the same way they do (does anyone, really?). Now don't get me wrong--I am the first one to acknowledge that this business I now have was created from nothing but a late night seed of an idea and has grown organically into to a successful blog, interior design business, resale business and styling work for the top Atlanta lifestyle magazines.  I truly feel like it's quite the accomplishment, especially for a girl like me.   But I want more.  And accomplishing and achieving has helped me to become clearer about what I do and don't want to do with my career (and my life). 
So in essence, my ceiling has become my floor. 
And I think this happens for everyone. 
The things that you once viewed as your goals end up become the foundation for your next steps, and that means there's a lot of adjusting and recalibrating along the creative path. 
For anyone who's ever had a dream, a goal, or even a challenge, "there" has always been this magical destination where answers come easily, life is a little less unpredictable and living gets easier.  But what every dream chaser eventually comes to find is that that place surely does not exist. Because by the time you get "there", your latest accomplishment appears much easier than the process of getting there felt, and that goal then becomes the path by which you reach all of your new goals. 
It's like every time you take a step towards it, it moves back a little further. 
But that's really a good thing, because one random day you'll look up and realize..........             your ceiling has become your floor.
And things that you were once striving for, the thing (or things) that you once thought would be the epitome of your career will one day just become another part of the foundation that you use to expand your business (or your life). 
So for me that means things like:
-relaunching my website
-having my work published nationally 
-styling photo shoots
have just become other foundational bricks upon which I build my business. And I wanted these things so badly...but when I accomplished them, that adjusted my ceiling of expectation and my old goals had just become my new normal--does that make sense??
Life is constantly expanding, shifting, adjusting, readjusting, changing course, reversing and sometimes a mix of all the above...and that's okay! For me I'm finding that my shifting is actually leading me into expanding my ideas of what's possible. And that is exciting. 
So there is no "there", there's just right here, right now.
But that alone is something to shout about. 
Thank God for the floor.