I love installs. 
They're nerve-wracking--because there are so many little pieces you have to manage to bring your vision together--but there's nothing like seeing the image you created in your mind become a reality for your clients.
Such was the case with one of my latest clients, an Atlanta-based celebrity hairstylist who owns a private salon in an ATL suburb. She contacted me last year to spruce up her salon but decided to move to a larger space this year and once she was in, she hired me to come work my magic. We're working room by room in her space and started with her private styling room, of which she gave me carte blanche
And when I say carte blanche, I mean "Do what you want, I trust you." Carte blanche. 
And if you didn't already know, DWYW is the greatest sentence an Interior Designer can ever hear. 

So that's what I did. 
Because her space is so small, I wanted to do something that would be very clean & modern but sophisticated. And something with a wow factor, of course. Chevron walls and striped walls are cool but for this job I wanted something with more visual interest, so I came up with this flame stitch pattern for her focal wall (is it flamestitch or flame stitch??).
If my painter has ever not liked me, it might have been this past weekend, lol. 
I cringed thinking about all of the work that he would have to do to get this right (and I wanted it exact!), but I love that he gets it and dives in to create what I ask. I could NEVER attempt something like this myself...I'd most certainly be bald by the time I finished. But it looks amazing, and even he was super proud of his work.  
And it took a few revisions of this to get it right...
But in the end we did and the final product is incredible.
We've decided to reupholster her styling chair and are still waiting on 2 chairs to arrive that were on backorder, so I can't show you everything just yet...but I'm soooo happy with it. 
Just wait 'til you see for yourself.