You know how you can meet a person and really like them the first time around, lose touch then run into each other years later and realize that "old thing" is still there?
That's kinda how I feel about sliding door hardware.
Two weeks ago I attended an open house at Serenbe, a self-sustainable community 40 minutes south of Atlanta, to tour a cottage designed by my friends at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Atlanta and was reminded of my love for these architectural stunners upon entering the master bedroom suite. Since it's a "smart" community,  the whole layout is about eco-friendly living and thoughtful space planning so using barn door hardware instead of your traditional swing door hinges allowed the space to be both open & multi-functional in less than 1000 square feet.
Touring the cottages reminded me of my first love all over again. 
I think we're in a design phase where everything is either super "turnt up" (saturated colors, luxurious textiles, dramatic furniture/accessories) or relaxed and eclectic. Barn doors fit perfectly into this aesthetic for 3 reasons:
1. They're architectural features. It's not just the door but the right hardware (aluminum, flat track, stainless steel) that takes your feature door up a notch. See the above pic? The paneling on the walls & ceilings is cool but what really catches your eye are the heavy ebony doors and horseshoe flat track sliding door hardware. With the right combination, your doors and hardware become incredible architecture. Consider sliding barn doors like getting a two-for-one.

2. They're dual purpose: Stylish & Functional. There are certain things we just need in our houses for them to function...and one of those things are doors (a toilet would also be on that list, but that's for another post!). Since you'll be using them anyway, think about the best way to incorporate your sliding barn doors so that they become a focal point in each space.  When your sliding doors and door hardware become art they're functional conversation pieces...and that's stylish in itself.  To up the ante in your space, consider stainless steel or hammered flat track hardware--they'll be the perfect "earrings" to make your door sing. 

3. Wait, make that tri-purpose: Space saving. Clearly space saving isn't an issue for every home, but if you CAN create more space using your same footprint, why not take advantage of the opportunity? Sliding barn doors will help create flow from one space to another when you're short on square footage and if you have considerably high ceilings, think about different ways to experiment with your barn doors, like with bottom rolling hardware. And if you're a shopper like me think about it this way--when you save space, you're actually making room for MORE stuff!! (lol).
So tell me--would you consider incorporating sliding barn doors into your home??

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