I wish you could see how incredible this pink velvet chevron is in person because it's really kinda like, amazing
For this week's pattern play I wanted something that would be bold--a mix most people would probably shy away from (because these projects are really the most fun).  As you search the archives it's my goal that you'll see a good mix of color and style pairings that will help/encourage you to be bolder in your personal spaces. Most of the time, if you think you'll love it you will, it's just about knowing how to balance everything out so your space doesn't end up looking like....Pee Wee's Playhouse. 
I like to think of this ass my "Boss Mix", because the only people who would go with this scheme (that I love, I might add) are the ones who do what they want. 
Thus, the boss folk
Love those kind of clients.
Pink velvet chevron: Clarke & Clarke Flamma/Fuchsia
Indigo velvet: Duralee 36120/171
White/Indigo dots: Duralee (John Robshaw) 15462/193
Pink & blue trellis: Robert Allen  Sophia Range/Fuchsia