My entryway has been the stepchild of my house. 
You wouldn't think that to be the case, seeing as it's the first room you enter upon walking into my home, but it's really the truth. I've neglected it in deference to the other shinier spaces and recently made a personal commitment to show it some special love by the beginning of the new year.  So my makeover is starting from the bottom up, beginning with this little area rug number:

What you're looking at is a Persian, hand-woven, wool area rug from Medallion Rug. Even though I've been in my home for close to 7 years, I'm still figuring out how I want to live in each space and one thing I know about my entryway is that I wanted a statement piece underfoot, something to catch the eyes of my guests upon entry.

Houston, I think we've found it. 

I LOVE the rich colors in this area rug and it's sooo soft underfoot. There were so many options to choose from (seriously--like, thousands) that it literally took me days to decide what I wanted, but I think I made the right choice.
Part Elle Decor, part ethnic chic, 100% Dayka. 
Now that I have a starting point, those walls are up next. My thoughts are grasscloth or a really cool, geometric stencil (which I, unfortunately, do not have the patience for) but I'm open ! So I'm asking you guys...what do YOU think I should do to the walls??