My roommate-road dawg-goeverywhereanddoeverythingtogether-BFF from my days at Spelman College just had a baby 6 weeks ago and I was thrilled when I found out she was pregnant! Waiting to find out the sex of the baby was kind of like torture, but when I found out she was having a boy I was over the moon to know that there'd soon be one more cute little boy walking this earth with an intelligent, classy, fun & very stylish gal as his mama (and that his mama also has a friend like me? Double bonus)!

Thankfully I have a group of pretty stylish friends and as such, SpelmanBFF would NEVER even consider using novelty bedding/accessories for her baby-man's new home. She gave me a few inspiration images but overall, told me to have at it. 
And that I did. 

Her nursery is about 9x9 and had some distinct challenges including window & door placements. She planned to maximize the use of her closet but wanted a dresser as well as a changing table, a place to sing baby-man all the little lullubys his heart can handle PLUS a place for guests to sleep. In the end we had to nix the sleeping area (after all, the priority IS the baby!) but still came up with a plan that's modern, graphic & sophisticated. 
The plan was to keep the walls white (my favorite is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams) and paint a huge 4' vertical black stripe directly behind the crib. Color & visual interest, but not what you'd expect in a boy's nursery. Anchoring the stripe are 3 images from her baby-man's newborn photography session enlarged to encompass the width of the wall. Directly opposite the crib sits the Ikea Hemnes dresser which, when equipped with a changing pad, also does double duty as a changing table. The ambient lighting (which plugs into the wall) is positionable and when pointed in the right position (like against a wall) also acts as dim lighting for late night/early morning feedings in her modern, Poang leather rocking chair. The dresser wall is anchored with a mix of prints (some custom, some stock) from my favorite Etsy artists and the room is finished off with semi-custom ombre drapery and a large black drum pendant. 
Now how's that for a modern & stylish baby-man cave??