Every Spring Atlanta welcomes the Atlanta Food & Wine festival to the city with 4 days & nights of delicious food, a line up of incredible new chefs (and old favorites) plus a jam-packed schedule of some amazing culinary classes. This year Atlanta chef Kevin Rathbun & his brother, Kent Rathbun (Texas), are hosting an evening of "food, drink, music & fabulous decor" with the "Rathbun's Watch List"--an ADAC-hosted Saturday night event that pairs rising stars in the design industry with emerging stars in the food industry to celebrate "the next generation of Southern tastemakers".
I love that last line...and it's pretty cool that I'm considered to be a "tastemaker", too!
So here's the skinny--I've been paired with Chef Jared Ralls from New Orleans and I'm charged with designing a 10x10 space which is a total blank slate as of now. My team can do anything except permanently change the floors, make structural alterations to the walls or exceed my given spatial allotment. The idea is for attendees to move around the event space and experience each vignette so if tablescapes are tackled, they've asked us not to make them so formal that people think they are expected to sit down for a bite. The room has to return to it's original look by 12pm on Monday so there are also some time constraints with regard to load out, but I'm SO excited about this opportunity! I had to cross my initial idea off of the list because it seemed like too big of an undertaking--I have a tendency to start HUGE and have to scale back--but I've got another plan in mind & up my sleeve....can't wait to share the "after" pics!
So it you're in Atlanta, joint me on Saturday, May 31 from 7pm-9pm at ADAC for what's sure to be a fun & magical evening. If you stop by please find me and say "hello!".