The 2014 "Watch List" event hosted by brothers Kent & Kevin Rathbun was an inaugural event for ADAC, the Atlanta design center, as well as the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

It was, by all accounts, also a smashing success. 

10 Atlanta designers were each tasked with taking a blank, 10x10 space and creating magic in which attendees, chefs & mixologists could mingle about for a 3 hour food & wine feast. 
These, without a doubt, are the kind of opportunities that designers love because they free us up to do what we love most--design and create with the sky as the limit. There were a few stipulations--furniture had to come from the design center (ADAC), ceilings & ductwork couldn't be painted, and the space had to go back to it's original state by Monday morning at 10am (paint, furniture and all!), but other than that...we were off to the races. 
I decided early on that I wanted my space to be dramatic and took my design cues from the furniture I was able to borrow. We could create any kind of space we wanted (lounge, dining area, living space, prep space) but what you designed ultimately depended on the availability of of your required pieces. Since I haven't had a chance to go all out on a dining room just yet (excluding a current project!), I had my heart set on creating a dining room vignette. I knew I wanted to start with a bold wall design as a focal point and then build the space in layers. I was originally saving this graphic pattern to use on my own office walls but with the soaring ceiling, the event space ended up being the PERFECT place to highlight this design! I shared sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook and pretty much had everyone fooled when I posted this pic...

During install, people were so confused when they walked by my space and saw that it had later been painted white like, "Wait--wasn't this space black before??".

Oohhh...just wait...

(lots of paint from my friends at Sherwin Williams!)

The first piece I fell in love with were the pair of Teak chairs from Martin Nash. The chairs weigh a TON, but they are so breathtaking in person..they're like pieces of art.  The Edies rug from Kravet and the gold accented Swaim dining table from Robert Allen became the foundation for my dining space and were accented by the tufted leather Baker dining chairs with chrome nailhead trim. The oversized Tangled pendant from Signature Piecez was custom finished in Ebony to match my decor and was a huge hit for my space...I love it so much I'm thinking about replacing my current chandelier with it!
Finding the right art piece for this space--one that had the right look AND wouldn't be too heavy for the walls which was a major concern) was a chore but I found perfection at Beau Holland Studio in a metal, oversized elephant piece. The space was finished with Arbor Vitae trees & planters from a local nursery plus my favorite Kravet Cross stool (in citron velvet, no less!) and sculptural brass wall art from Baker.  
For the tablescape I combined a mix of my own collection plus vintage & retail finds to reflect a table that echoes the colors reflected in the rug (if I had to choose my favorite colors, without a doubt they'd be black, white & gold). If there's one thing I love, it's a beautifully styled eclectic tablescape. I took a chance & tried my hand at creating a large centerpiece to anchor the table and...I think it turned out pretty well!!

The Rillette of Rib Eye (imagine a pâté made of rib eye steak!) prepared by "my" chef, Jared Ralls of La Boca  restaurant in New Orleans, was by far one of the most praised dishes of the tasty that I went back for thirds. 
And the party?? 
Oh, yeah....that was fun, too. 
Patrón on tap!!! 
Can't wait for next year!