Being an Interior Designer has been one of the biggest blessings of my life.

To have created a life with art as my center, doing something I love (and think I'm pretty good at, too!) around interesting people with similar creative interests and energies feels like a divine appointment. 
And yet sometimes I find myself wondering if there's more. 
Beyond the cushy velvets, embossed wallpapers, latest natural-fiber floor covering and punchy paint colors, I've found myself questioning why design is important to me and why I do this for a living.

I've thought, and thought, and thought about it (watch this if you don't know what I mean), and I came up with this:

Over the last few years I've changed--seismic changes that have caused me to rethink EVERYthing about my life--and I realized that...I've been through a serious growth spurt in the last 2 years. As my inner life has changed, my outer life has made many incremental shifts as well and as a result, my "why" is vastly different today than it was when I started my business in 2010. In fact, I didn't really have a "why" when I started out doing design, other than the fact that I loved beautiful design and wanted to soak it up 24/7.

But that alone isn't reason enough for me anymore.

For me, my connection to design is about more than simply living in a well-styled house or having nice things for the sake of sharing pretty pictures with the world. If there's no deeper anchor in my well, my love for design will fade away in the coming years, quite the same way my juvenile love for mustard sandwiches did so many years ago (and I mean straight yellow mustard on white bread--nothing else. Yum.).
Design is my vehicle (as is writing!) to share the story of who I am, where I've been, whom I love, and what's important to me.

So here's my truth:
I believe wholeheartedly in living with intention.
To me, this means getting really clear about what it is you want and plan to get out of life. Not to to be confused with HOW you're going to get there, but examining WHAT you're choosing to focus on--how you want to feel, who you want to be, the type of life you want to lead--and letting these answers guide all your choices.
I believe in a LIFE, not just a room, well-designed & focused around your values and intentions. Asking questions like...

What is important to me?? 
How can I lead my life in a way that the important things are evident??

And I believe that your home should be an extension of these answers.
After all...it's the place you rest your soles and your soul.
Nourish your  friends & family.
Let down your hair.
Take off your mask (and your bra).

So my conversation is widening and becoming about more than just giving my clients an on-trend space that gets pinned thousands of times and hundreds of likes on Instagram, but something that really helps them get closer to who they say they want to be.

Is entertaining important to you? 
If you're not doing it now, how can I help you create a space to do more of what you love in a way that best speaks to the core of who you are??

That's what I really want to know, and this is how I really want to help my clients.

The thing about a life passion is this:
when you have it, it spills over into other areas of your life. 
There's no such thing as work & life separation because you've made the object of your life passion your work, so those two things are like a couple that's newly minted--snuggled in bed together with their legs intertwined all up & around each other. I obsess over design stores and ransack flea markets in my free time/when I travel because I LOVE to do so and for me it's not just a job...it's who I am.

So here's my design manifesto.

I believe you were designed to live a fantastic life.
I believe your home should fit your lifestyle & desires,
and support you in living the life you've always wanted.
People should walk into your home and get a glimpse of who you really are. 
Your home should honor your incredible journey.
I believe in buying pieces because you love them and finding ways to make them work
...because that's reason enough.
I believe your history should be cherished.
I believe you should create your life around the things you love...
but always seek out the things you love in the life you have now. 

The bottom line?
You deserve to live the good life.
Let me help you figure out what that is. 

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