This past year, my work with Flynnside Out Productions as a Project Designer has had me dividing my time between my personal residential/commercial clients for DRD and designing/project managing various projects for FSO, the brainchild production company of Interior Designer Brian Patrick Flynn.

Flynnside Out is a full-service production company specializing in lifestyle related content, and some of the major projects we do each year include the production of's Spring House and Holiday House, both of which are entire home makeovers packed with tons of tips, projects & design ideas to inspire you to live stylishly throughout the seasons.

Most of this summer was all about creating Holiday House 2014, and I have to tell you...
I worked my ass off. 

Imagine making Christmas merry in the sweltering Atlanta heat & humidity, smack dab in the middle of July--trimming the Christmas tree, lighting fires in the fireplace and making gift baskets & making tasty cold weather holiday treats while simultaneously trying to make sure you don't have a heatstroke because the A/C is struggling to compete with the heat which is streaming inside because the doors need to be open for maximum light exposure. 


Boozy Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate
That, in a nutshell, is how you tackle a project like this in the off-season. 

The upside of all of this toiling, of course, is that YOU get to see the fruits of our labor--visually stunning interiors and very cool projects to up the Christmas & holiday ante in your own home. With picture galleries, recipes, easy DIYs plus beautiful room tours & video how-tos, EVERYTHING you need to banish seasonal bah humbug is right at your little fingertips. 

If I was a betting woman, I'd bet that one of the best things you could probably do for yourself today would be to hop on over to (here) to see this rest of the project....I can assure you, you will be blown away and encouraged to create a little holiday cheer in your own place.
So proud of our team!