Thanksgiving 2014 was so good that I didn't step one foot outside of my house for 2 whole days after!!
 I didn't even post any pics on Instagram until today.

All of my guests showed up with delicious contributions in-hand and we ate and talked and laughed and played games and I thought for a moment, "I should really be posting photos of all of this on Instagram...", but every time I got ready to, it seemed silly to stop living my life to share the documentation of my I didn't. I just stayed present with my people and figured I'd leave the rest to this week.

Guess who got braces?!!

Engrossed in Taboo
As much as I love Christmas, I have to say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.
I have so much to be grateful for this year.
After coming off of a very recent health scare, I am grateful that I can say that I'm healthy...nothing is more important than this. 
I'm grateful for a career that I love and jobs and clients that I like & projects that excite me. 
I'm grateful for my family--people who are smart, very witty, and all around awesome.
I'm grateful that I've been able to see all of my best friends this year which is no small feat, considering that they're each spread out to the corners of this country.
I'm grateful to be 35...and that I love being 35! I saw an episode of the Kardashians over the weekend where Khloe was turning 30 and sad about not being where she thought she would be. It made me laugh because on this side I know how, if you give it time, it can be so much better than you anticipate.
I'm grateful for my faith. It has carried me through, changed me & keeps me expecting the best.
I'm grateful for financial stability.
I'm grateful for my big, audacious dreams that have me excited to work & keep me up at night. I have big, big plans, y'all.
And I'm grateful for the people who joined me last week to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday...truly, good friends make life worth living.

As I love to say, my cup runneth over....and I hope yours did/does too.