My house was built in 1984 so you can probably imagine what that means.

If not, here's a hint: when I first walked into this house, all of the doors, trim & windows were painted peach. Not pink. Not beige. But PEACH. 
It was really horrid--disgusting in fact, but I actually kinda loved the house & the neighborhood, so I bought with the idea that I could put my own stamp on it...but over the years it's become apparent that this "stamping process" takes much longer than I ever anticipated. I surely thought that my house would be completely finished by now, neglecting to take into account that life would be happening in the midst of it all: money fluctuations, starting a business, family deaths, major system failures, ever-changing design choices, exploding pipes in the front yard--these things haven't been gentle on my time or my wallet. In hindsight I may have bit off slightly more than I intended to chew. People rave & rave about homeownership (particularly parents), but if you own your own home and it's not a new build, there's likely to be a maintenance issue (or two) around every corner! But don't get me wrong--if I had to do it all over again, I'd probably still choose this property because owning this home has given me an opportunity to develop a skill set I never would've gained otherwise. Until my water heater was replaced 2 years ago I used have to go into the crawlspace MYSELF to light the pilot every time it went out. Sometimes I had help, and sometimes I didn't. But when your hot water is out in the dead of winter, it's 5:30pm and nightfall is around the corner, you learn how to do what you must do to do to get it back cranking again. And along the way I learned how to take care of this house and of myself in this house and that alone is a huge source of pride for me. 

 If you've followed my blog for any time you've had a chance to see most of my downstairs and my bedroom so you know it's not like I haven't totally neglected this place--it's just that there's so much more to do! At this point almost every room has seen the touch of my hand in some way (even if it's still not ready to meet the public) so the good news is that I AM heading towards the finish line, slowly but surely. 

But there's been one room that's basically just as old & "pristine" as it was when I bought this house, and that's my Master Bathroom.
If someone were running a contest for America's ugliest bathroom, it would undoubtedly win.
Years ago I attempted to do the basics--paint the vanity, remove the disgusting doors on the tub/shower combo, prime the yellowed floral wallpaper--but in the process I realized it really wasn't going to make any difference (think lipstick on a pig!), so I just gave up until I could embark on the real deal.  
I think it's actually worse now than it was when I bought this place.

I don't want you to leave this blog with a visual assault burned into your memory so I'm not going to show you Before pics until the Afters are completed but know this:
I've come up with a plan that I love and am excited about finally getting a bathroom that fits this house and meets my needs!
Herringbone subway tile surround, new deep soak tub, tile floors, brass fixtures, a faaaabbbulous new toilet--I am beyond excited. No more showers in the guest bathroom for me!!

Demo starts this week, and I'll do a full post once it's completed.
In the meantime, see my Instagram feed for the latest pics!