9 years later, my master bathroom renovation project is finally in full effect and I could NOT be happier. 
It's really telling when you walk into your bathroom and see this situation....

 ...yet only feel butterflies in the stomach & pangs of joy.

And even though all of my 200 bracelets, 108 bobby pins, 45 necklaces, 20 rings, 8 empty tubes of MAC lipgloss (gotta turn those in for my free product!), 7 hair brushes, 4 hair scarfs (black women who wear their hair straight must NOT go to sleep without that scarf!), 2 packs of foam rollers, various day/night creams, umpteen bottles of hair gel/leave-in conditioner/dry shampoo/creme, and overflowing basket of body lotions, soaps & oils are now strewn all across the floor of my bedroom....this place still looks the best its ever been. Because it's never about the madness that we DO see of course, but the fact that something is coming together in this space that I've only dreamed about for years. And seeing it finally happen is pretty sweet. This is not your typical $25k renovation--in fact, it's waaayyyyyyyy below that amount (did I mention it is "way below?" Okay, just checking.) But I'm spending what I need to (and saving were I can) to get a bathroom that at the very least, doesn't require me to usher my very own sister out of the space when she comes to visit out of sheer embarrassment.
Not to mention that a clean, updated bathroom will make me feel better and support my life in a more powerful way.
So all in all, it's all money well-spent.

Remember when you were young and got bad grades--or got in trouble--and knew you would have to go home and face some very ugly music?? Remember how that walk/trip/ride home was like, the worst ride EVER because you knew what was coming?
Well that's kinda how I feel about sharing these pics. 

How it looked upon purchase:

The first thing I did once I moved in was remove those disgusting glass shower doors and replace them with this very high end, beautiful nylon shower liner (joking, people). The bathroom was so bad I refused to even purchase a proper show curtain--ha! And it was so so bad that I stopped using it for showers altogether about 3 years ago. I was just unable to make myself bathe in there--yuck.

After watching a few episodes of some random HGTV show (this was years before I became a designer, remember), I decided to try and strip the wallpaper in the bathroom myself which went really well until I realized that only the top half of the drywall was primed and on the lower half of the wall, the 1984 wallpaper had been applied DIRECTLY to the boards. If you've ever encountered this problem then you're fully aware that the novel idea stripping wallpaper in the entire bathroom quickly became a thing of the past. But instead of just fully pulling the paper off, I left it partially hanging. There's no good reason--sometimes I just do stuff like that. 

OMG and the floor. 
My carpenter's daughter came in the bathroom and was immediately concerned, because she thought the floor & wall coverings were staying...sweet, sweet girl.
Not only was the original vinyl floor 100% gross, but it was lifting all around the toilet, the look of  which used to make my skin crawl. I REFUSE to show you the pictorial evidence until the new one is installed, but...take my word for it. Gross. And the carpet right around the sink?? Jesus, Mary & Joseph.  Let me share this bit about my life with you--I used to dye my own hair jet black AND I did my own waxing for a long time so....having a carpet in this area was absolutely NOT a good look for me. No, no, no.

..the ugly days are over. And we are now on the move!
I made a few changes from the original redesign bathroom plan I shared a few weeks ago (I'm always indecisive until the last minute), but you'll see all of the changes soon enough. ;-)
More updates to come!