On February 25th I turned 36 years old.

It still sounds so crazy, because I remember being younger and hearing/reading about people being 36 and thinking to myself that they were really old. 

I now know better, of course. ;-)

At the beginning of the month I sent out invitations for a dinner party, to celebrate much the same as last year, only to have a freak 1-day snowstorm hit Atlanta on the same day of my birthday! Luckily the restaurant called to say they were staying open and since there was little to no snow on my side of town, I decided to move forward with my plans and let those who could come, come! So my party of 20 ended up being a party of 12 but we essentially had the space to ourselves which was great. The restaurant ended up closing an hour after we got there (I had to reel myself in on that one), but a few of us ended up going to a nearby bar afterwards and talked & talked until the wee hours of the morning, which made for a very lively finish to my night. And even though nothing went according to plan (including my super cute short jumpsuit I'd planned to wear but had to ditch last minute because snow/freezing weather + shorts= NO) and the vibe was much different than last year, it was good nonetheless. And I was happy.
In recent years I've developed a true fondness for birthday celebrations and have finally woke up to the fact that that there's no shame in organizing your own shindig--the only way to ensure I'll have the birthday I wanna have is to plan it myself!

So I have to tell you...I'm feeling good about 36!
Good things are popping up around every corner and I'm grateful that I positively feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have before...and more aware and focused on staying mindful that I am enough, right here & now.
That knowledge is probably the best gift I could ever give myself and really, everyone who comes in contact with me. Knowing that I don't serve anyone, least of all myself, by shrinking who I am.
Accepting that there is always a place for people who confidently speak their minds, stand for their truth, and in general, want more...and not because the place of acceptance is some illusive place "out there", but because it's a place of knowing on the inside, where its been all along.

I had a friend turn 30 this week and I was just telling her, "...get ready because your 30s are really good." And of course there have been some rough patches and moments that really sucked but all-in-all, they have been good. Life will never exist without the sucky times--they make the "perfect times" possible, of course--but the last 6 years have been an incredible ride of which I could never have imagined.
And though the story is still unfolding I have to say...so far, so good. 
I'm now actually closer to 40 than I am to 30!!