If you're even the slightest bit familiar with my work, you know that I'm no stranger to color so when the Astrobrights teams asked me to be a spokeswoman for their Colorize Your Business campaign, I jumped at the chance! Part of my duties even included filming a few videos (in my newly designed office, nonetheless!), all of which are live now. It's quickly becoming apparent (to me) that I love being on-camera! Click here to watch the video.

For those of you who may be color-phobic or not sure how to incorporate color into your space outside of those walls, you're in luck today! When you think about using color to create functionality, the key is to use color to create an aesthetic that works for you!  Straight from my desk, here are 10 Ways to Use Color to Create a Functional & Inspiring Space:

1. Colorful Ceilings

:painted ceiling, via elledecor.com

Ceilings--the 5th wall in your room--can do a lot to add or change the vibe of your space. To warm up a room or envelope yourself in a cocoon (how I love my bedroom to feel!), consider using a darker color on the ceiling. Need a small space to look larger? Keep the contrast between the wall color and ceiling color to a minimum. Consider using a slightly lighter shade for the ceilings or even better, have your wall color lightened by 40% for a custom look.

2. Painted Floors

Splatter-painted-floors, dayka robinson, via decoist.com

Seeing as I just tackled one in my home office, it should come as no surprise that I'm obsessed with painted floors! A solid, glossy white floor will make your space feel open & airy, while a saturated color provides the perfect foundation for creating a look that's layered with color. I love the patterned image above because everything else in the room is devoid of color  (minus the artwork & desk chair). In this case, going big on the floors creates such an impact that you don't have to load the rest of the space down with color--a little goes a long way!

3. Color-coded Book Organization

colored books, styled bookshelf, dayka robinson designs via chicandglamourous.com

Whether you're the type that likes to leave the dust jackets on your hardcover books or take them off, this trick is perfect for the voracious book lover. The key here is to organize your books first by color, then by size to add a bright pop of color to your space. Not enough books or too many varied colors in your stash? Consider recovering all of your books in a solid color paper to match your desired color scheme. With 26 colors, Astrobrights is sure to have something that fits your tastebuds!

3.Painted Doors

door paint, dayka robinson designs blog, via apartmenttherapy.com

Okay, okay...I'm sure you've seen this done before but here are a few of my additional tips: (1) Consider painting the door only, leaving the trim & wall color to match. (2) While black interior doors are still quite hot (I know, I have them in my own home!), painting your interior doors in a bold, coordinating hue is a super creative way to brighten up your space as well. (3) The edges of your doors are great opportunities to add a bright pop of contrast color--I just did it in my home office and LOVE the look. So there...3 fresh ways to tackle those doors!

4. Bold Rugs

color rug, dayka robinson designs, via madelineweinrib.com

I wholeheartedly endorse the selection of bright & bold rugs--don't be scared! When trying to create a space packed with color, people tend to get anxiety because they end up putting it everywhere (NO!) or playing it too safe. How to best apply color depends your color selection and application but rugs are really great places to start. If you find one you love in a bold print/color--get it, and let that be the foundation for your design. To keep from going overboard in the space, keep your anchoring furniture neutral with smaller patterns (whites/greys/blacks/browns)--then let the rug be the star. Works like a charm every time.

5. Accessories With a Pop

color accessories, dayka robinson designs, via thedecorista.com

For those of you who are still slightly color-phobic, here's a fail-proof recipe: stick with neutral colors & traditional shapes for all of your main pieces (sofa, rug, end tables, etc.), then infuse the space with color by adding bright accessories. This way you can easily change your color palette by making quick & easy changes to your art work and accent pillows.

6. High-Impact Drapery

ikat drapery, dayka robinson designs, via elledecor.com

When I say I'm obsessed with beautiful, bright & bold drapery, I don't just mean window treatments--I mean any piece of fabric that hangs from the ceiling, I'm probably gonna love it (have you seen my bathroom renovation?? Admittedly, that shower curtain is everythang.). Using drapery to infuse color into a space is a great way to finish your space (drapery is a MUST!), dampen noise and establish the energy (color-wise) of your room.

7. Lacquered Furniture

case pieces:lighting, dayka robinson designs, via houseandhome.com

As someone who has quite the golden hand when it comes to refinishing furniture, I can truthfully say that there's a time & a place for lacquered furniture...anytime & any place, to be exact. The key to using lacquered furniture the right way is to start with a classic piece that can be refinished again & again, so you never have to worry about whether the furniture itself is on-trend. See that console above? A perfect example.

8. Wallpaper

color wallpaper, dayka robinson designs blog, via apartmenttherapy.com

The great thing about wallpaper is that you only need a little to create a big impact. Need to create functional work zones and coming up short on space? Consider converting an underused closet into a small workspace by wallpapering the inside and retrofitting a small desk & stool for a writing area. Function AND inspiration!

9. Wall Treatments with Paint

Dayka Robinson Designs Home Office Makeover Inspiration Board

In some circles paint treatments are considered a "poor man's wallpaper" but as far as I'm concerned, that's only for the folks with zero imagination! As you see in much of my work, I'm a person who loves a good paint treatment just as much as wallpaper. Why? Mainly because it's so easy to create ANYTHING you want with a few cans of paint and if you don't like it, the commitment level is as simple as taking out a new paint brush and starting anew.

10. Perfect Your Lighting

robert abbey table lamp, dayka robinson designs blog, via robertabbey

THE easiest and most inexpensive way to use color inspirationally in your home is to make sure that your color values read accurately. What exactly does that mean? It means making sure you're using the right kind of light bulbs throughout your home so that your colors are exactly what you expected them to be. Stay away from incandescent bulbs that cast a warm, yellow-y hue and instead switch to daylight bulbs or better yet, LEDs. You'll see a major difference, right away.

Visit ColorizeYourBusiness.com for more tips from myself, SpitfireGirl and more experts. PLUS, you can enter to win over $2500 to colorize your business from Astobrights Papers, Office Depot & Sherwin Williams. Learn more about the #ColorizeYourBusiness campaign here:

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