Dayka Robinson Designs Essence magazine-may-2015Dayka Robinson Essence magazine May 2015Ummmmm....I'm in Essence magazine this month, my friends. 

Like, Dayka Robinson in the May 2015 issue of Essence with the likes of some phenomenal, accomplished & trial blazing women on the cover like Issa Rae, Debbie Allen, Mara Brock Akil, Ava DuVernay & Shonda Rimes. 

And I'm gracing the pages on the inside!

I talked about this a little bit with regard to my Black Enterprise article, but it is definitely worth repeating: to see yourself grace the pages of a magazine you grew up reading is a moment that exists in a timeless space. My grandmother read this magazine, my mother read this magazine & I flipped through these pages as a little girl. And 25+ years later, here I am....getting my own shine in the May issue. I was thrilled to be contacted by an editor (and Spelman sister!) and honored to contribute not only my creative ideas, but to style my entryway for the article as well. An added bonus, this article about turning family heirlooms into decor is straight up my alley and I had the perfect piece to contribute--a Xerox of the handprints of my father, my sister and myself, where my father signed each of our names and noted the date: 12/12/1981. The funny thing is, I actually remember the day when we went upstate to his job at IBM and made that photocopy....I can still hear him telling me to put my hand on the copy machine next to my sister's. And 30 years later, that moment has been shared with the world.

 If I say "I'm honored" once, I could say it 1,000 times...I am literally running out of words to convey how incredible--and comfortable--it feels to see so much of my work take off this year...the year that I really started to share more of who I am. To those of you who have texted, messaged & tagged me, thank you for your support!! Xo

(And a big hello to my friends and fellow designing women featured, Tiffany Brooks & Robin Wilson!)