Recently I was extended an invitation to participate in a great professional opportunity but as I checked my calendar, I realized said opportunity would overlap with a really important event this summer--my trip to Istanbul. Now this business opportunity is cool. It's relatively high profile and would be a chance to further my career, expand my exposure, build my brand and do something creative & fun. But Istanbul??It's the trip of a lifetime.

Lately when I've faced decisions like this I ask myself 2 questions to help figure out my highest course of action--they serve as an inner compass and never steer me wrong:

"Will this decision take you closer to who you want to be? Will this decision take you closer to where you want to be?" 

As I weighed the decision--one that wouldn't have kept me entirely from the trip but definitely would've made it much less relaxing than I intended--the "right" answer quickly became clear: I needed to turn down the professional opportunity to devote my time & attention to the trip. Because in my heart, traveling to Istanbul is so much more than just a vacation. When I think about that trip, I think about how the experience will change me. About the new people I'll meet and all of the incredible ancient sites I'll see. About the spiritual experiences I'll have. And mostly, about the fact that that trip will take me closer to who I want to be--a woman focused on creating memories, having life changing experiences all across the world, and fully committed to the growth of mySELF.

Is my business important? No doubt. But my work is who I am, while my business is the vehicle through which I work...and there's a big difference between the two. I know that the best way to grow my business is to grow my self (that's no typo), and when realized this was the choice I was being called to make, the right answer immediately became apparent.

 Because sometimes you have to turn down a good thing....to experience the best thing.