Travel. Travel. Travel. 

It's really all I think about since I've been back from Istanbul.

Where to go. How to go. When to go.

I wanted to take another trip before I closed out 2015 and while I'd planned on organizing a girl's "Think Weekend" in Vermont, I was without the energy to fully immerse myself in the planning & decided go the solo route yet again. Cartagena, Colombia crossed my mind but as much as I wanted to go, the thought of site seeing & exploring left me feeling drained. This time I wanted to relax & rest.Think. Write. Plan. I wanted to see more of the US (hence my DEEP desire to go to Vermont) in a way I hadn't done before. So I decided to book myself on a cross country adventure from Washington D.C., to LA via Amtrak. I say "adventure" but it's more of the relaxing sort--one where I can be served breakfast, lunch & dinner in bed and spend my days reading & gazing out the window at sites like the one above. And yes, that's a picture of the actual route I'll be taking.  Now if seeing that picture doesn't get you excited & make your toes curl...then you & I are probably not the same kind of person!

Long distance travel via train is something I've wanted to do foreeeeever.White Christmas is one of my all-time favorite movies and the scene on the train has always stuck in my mind. I used to love riding the train back in California but this time the mode of transportation is not just a means to an end--I'm specifically traveling to experience the breadth of the United States via Amtrak's greatest route, the California Zephyr, in ways I could never do if I were in a car. I'm traveling Coach from DC to Chicago's Union Station where I'll switch trains to board the California Zephyr & settle into my private sleeper for the scenic route to CA.  I am EXXXXXXXXXcited!! I'm looking forward to a few days of disconnection (one of the things I LOVED about my solo trip to Turkey), taking in all of the beautiful scenery and getting to meet new people which is heralded as one of the special perks of train travel. The wi-fi doesn't really work on the train but I'll be documenting as I go and will share when I'm able!

Please keep me in your thoughts as I embark on my trip--I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!