*Writing my intentions in future-past tense is something that I started last year & continue to do because I love the way it makes me think differently about how I spend my time. Knowing what I WANT to say helps me design my time with the end in mind and based on last years results, it's pretty successful!* 

You know what was cool about this year? Everything you touched worked in your favor, like you started out believing it would. There were so many engaging projects to explore and the right people showed up at EVERY TURN. For your events & your trips, as your assistants and your mentors, you always had had what you needed.And you made moves like you already knew it. 2015 was the warm up & 2016 was GAME TIME. It was the year that you finally let go of everything that's really been calling you the last 2 years and released it so that it could find it's rightful place. And so that, in turn, you could find yours, too.

You know what the most important thing was? You became an expert at doing the things that felt good. And you let go of your attachment to outcomes and just followed the curiosities for the sake of joy. And there were a lot of curiosities and wonderful surprises along your journey.You relaunched your website, expanded your services, went to your dream destination, created a tribe of women who are choosing to master their own lives and managed to visit the Taj Mahal, too. All the travel you did this year was really incredible. Far off destinations with wonderful tales & stories about each place. You saw Australia this year.....AUSTRALIA. You nevvvvvvvvvver imagined that happening, and yet there you were, with the pictures to prove it. That travel journal of yours really became a concrete thing! You released your book!! The very one you found yourself surprised to be writing & in letting go, it found the perfect audience...along with bestseller status. Personal development was the foundation of everything you did and because of your desire to help women create well-designed lives, the speaking engagements rolled in, full of rooms of people who were passionate about the same things you were and committed to doing their own work to achieve it. Everything you asked for was "with grace, in a perfect way" and that's exactly how it came. You took the time to really get your finances together and because you treated your money with respect, it respected you. And you made a lot of it this year.

You took a step back from some familiar things in an effort to let a new creative outlet spring forth. Brands & companies alike saw the value in your unique offering and partnered with you on exciting projects that were authentic to who you are and how you do business. Having freedom, investing in great projects and new relationships continued to deepen your well. Your life looks so different than it looked 5 years ago....and even 3 years ago. You've finally been able to see the fruit of what you always say, that what you desired was always desiring you.All ways. Cheers to a year well done!