I'm doing it again, this time in CUBA.

After selling out of my first trip so quickly, I started thinking about other places I'd really like to explore and of course, Cuba was first on the list. With President Obama's historic visit opening up Cuba in a way that Americans haven't seen in over 50 years, it was one of the first places I wanted to explore in the new year and....I'm inviting you to come along.

Cuba is going to be an adventure. Because of the embargo--and the fact that so much of the country isn't connected to the world wide web--going to Cuba is literally like stepping back into time....and you can't begin to imagine the amount of planning that's gone into this trip for that very reason! Travel to Cuba has been approved under any one of 12 reasons established by the US government and while tourism hasn't been approved, People to People visits are. What exactly does this mean??It means that we'll be there meeting Cuban people and learning about the history, culture and spirit of Cuba, not just lounging on the beach and drinking mojitos all day. This (lounging all day) is actually prohibited by US law but even if it weren't you wouldn't find that kind of itinerary on one of my trips because that's not how I PERSONALLY travel. I believe in immersing oneself in foreign lands, so that's exactly what this trip is designed to do!

Here's the plan: We'll spend 5 nights & 6 days in a private villa in Havana with a pool, gym & even on-site massages! We'll spend 2 days learning about the history of old & new Havana with one of Cuba's best kept secrets and you'll participate in a private, one-on-one salsa class to learn about movement with a few of Havana's best dancers. Want to know where the idea for those old school Las Vegas shows originated?? We're gonna see it first hand. We'll follow that up by exploring the traditions of the African spiritual experience in Cuba and will wrap up our trip by venturing out of the city to explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site on horseback with local farmers. Oh--and did I mention we'll have a photographer on-hand to document it all?? Yup, there's that part, too. Music, food, spirit & more, we'll be experiencing Cuba the only way I know how--authentically. 

Here's what's included:

  • 5 nights/6 days accommodations
  • Roundtrip airport transfers
  • Daily Breakfast + 1 dinner
  • In-depth historic & cultural tours of both Old Havana & New Havana
  • Private lessons exploring the traditions of Afro-Cuban spirituality
  • One-on-one salsa dancing class exploring the movement of Cuba
  • Tour of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Viñales with local farmers
  • Ticket to a world renown cabaret & music club in the heart of Havana
  • Travel photographer to document our days & nights
  • Conversation & connection with a group of like-minded & adventurous women
  • Total cost: $2780

What's NOT included:

  • Airfare
  • Cuban visa
  • Spending money

How to know if this adventure is right for you:

This trip is for women who crave exotic adventure & new world experiences. This is a chance to see a new part of the world, but more importantly, it's a chance to see YOURSELF through the eyes of the world. I call these experiences "Lost & Found" because it speaks to the heart of my beliefs around the purpose of travel--I believe we should intentionally travel to get lost (emotionally, spiritually, and even physically) so we can find/uncover new parts of ourselves in different & meaningful ways. Hence, Lost & Found Experiences. 

This trip is for women who value collecting experiences–meeting new people, trying new foods, being unplugged from wifi–over collectingthings. Because here's the real deal--Cuba is a place where you HAVE to be unplugged. There's no infrastructure for you to watch the latest episode of Queen Sugar from your smartphone or Snapchat every part of your experience...that technology just doesn't exist there quite yet. So this means you'll need to be focused on being right where you are, with the women who are investing in this trip right along with you. If you want to see new lands AND forge meaningful new connections with women who may otherwise never cross your path, this trip for you.

If you:Don't mind spending time alone. Are comfortable around people who might not always speak your same language. Fancy yourself an explorer. Love to try new foods. Appreciate an opportunity to fully unplug from the world. Have a fun personality. Enjoy making deep connections with like-minded women. Are looking for a way to experience more of the good life in 2017.

Then I wanna see you in Cuba.

If you:Know that you're a high maintenance traveler. Don't take well to being in a foreign country. Are focused on making every day a fashion show. Don't feel comfortable connecting with women whom you don't already know. Expect every country you visit to be JUST like the United States. Need to know the specifics about the kind of cars you'll ride in. Want every single hour of every single day to be meticulously planned out. Expect people you encounter to speak English and want to experience every country as you would in America then.....this trip isn't for you. Being honest about your needs is the best way to get EXACTLY what you want and while there's nothing particularly wrong with these things, I will be honest and say that you this just isn't the trip for you. You won't enjoy my style of travel and that wouldn't make me (or you) happy!

There are only 8 spaces available, so when you know that it's right....act quickly. The last trip I curated sold out in only 48 hours. 

The Details:

Your $2780 investment is divided into 4 payments:

September 29: 1st payment due $695

October 29: 2nd payment due $695

November 29: 3rd payment due $695

December 22: 4th payment due $695

PAY IN FULL: $2780


As the trip gets closer you’ll receive customguides detailing helpful hints and FAQs on what to expect while in Cuba as well as access to a private Facebook Page where all of the travelers can connect prior to the trip. Have questions? Feel free to send me an email at:

Hope to see you in Cuba! 

*Due to the nature & scheduling of this trip, payments are nonrefundable though purchasing travel insurance should cover your investment in the unexpected event of a cancellation*