Lost & Found Marrakech LUXURY Starts December 2018. Come join us!

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It's been a long time, I know.

But I'm just gonna skip past the fact that it's now JUNE of 2018 & you haven't heard a peep from me since October of 2017 because...well what can really make up for being away for so long?? I launched an AWESOME website redesign at the beginning of the year & to be honest, things have kind of taken off since. 

Growth in ways I never saw coming--some more challenging than others--but I'm in a good place, y'all. GOOD. And now it's time to do more of what I love....but this time in a new way.

Marrakech. Luxury. Winter 2018.

After spending the entire month of April in Marrakech hosting TWO SOLD OUT retreats, I came back home more determined than ever to create new, transformative travel experiences for women. The world continues to whisper my name & it's become clear that immersive travel is in my bones, so I've felt increasingly determined to put more DAYKA into the work that I produce for the world (because there can never be enough Dayka, right??).

So this year I started by launching my very own, custom Intention Bracelets.

And as promised, I'm launching another Marrakech retreat to close out 2018--but this time it's a luxury version. Because--while I still love the components that make up my other Marrakech retreat--sometimes it's just nice to luxuriate for awhile. Matter of fact, we all NEED & DESERVE that.  Yesterday I released all of the details to the folks on my email list FIRST but now I'm making it available to everyone. And with only 6 LIMITED SPOTS available (2 were SNAPPED UP yesterday!), I wouldn't delay if you plan on going 'cause I won't be doing another Marrakech retreat until the end of 2019!


So here's the deal: 

This new retreat is a totally different experience from what I've create before. This time I've added TWO MORE DAYS to the itinerary in an effort to really give us time to soak in everything that Marrakech has to offer. We'll be staying in a beautiful, chic riad right in the center of the bustling Medina complete with 24 hour concierge, single occupancy rooms with private baths & all of the extras we Westerners love! We'll take day trips to venture outside of Marrakech to explore new parts of Morocco & we'll hop in a vintage sidecar to experience the city from an entirely new perspective. And of course--most importantly--we'll talk & connect. A lot. You'll have an opportunity to create the individual experience  your soul is craving--whether that means making an appointment to visit the hammam (spa) conveniently located in our riad, exploring the souks with a new friend or simply spending the day relaxing--while also experiencing the best parts of group travel. This is truly the best of both worlds!!

The December 4-11, 2018 retreat includes: 

  • 8 days/7 nights accommodation in a chic & luxurious, traditional Moroccan riad right in the heart of the thriving Medina ("old city"). Single occupancy rooms with private bath featuring iPod docking stations, satellite TVs, DVD players & a safe for personal effects. 
  • 24-hour on-site concierge
  • Personal trip photographer to capture our experiences & conversations!
  • Round trip transfer to & from RAK (Marrakech airport).
  • Daily breakfast featuring customary North African selections including tea, coffee, fresh breads, honey, jams, yoghurt & specialty Moroccan dishes.
  • 3-course "Welcome Dinner" upon arrival, made from fresh, local & seasonal ingredients. 
  • Custom, off-the-beaten path, individual city tours in a vintage, bespoke sidecar highlighting both the city & desert landscape of Marrakech. 
  • Full day trip to experience Morocco's seaside culture in the historic port city of Essaouira. Featuring guided walking tour + visits to an argan oil cooperative & UNESCO historic center.
  • Guided food tour of the Medina highlighting the Moroccan culinary experience + Islamic history. You'll eat your fill of regional specialties & traditional spices while working your way through areas of the massive Medina that you'd never find on your own!
  • 3 course "Departure Dinner" to close our our trip.

TOTAL INVESTMENT= $4531.72 (not including airfare)

Your $4531.72 payment can be paid in full up front, or you may opt for the following payment plan:

DEPOSIT June 15, 2018: $1050.00
Payment #2 July 15, 2018: $696.34
Payment #3 Aug. 15, 2018: $696.34
Payment #4 Sept. 15, 2018: $696.34
Payment #5 Oct. 15, 2018: $696.34
Payment #6 Nov. 15, 2018: $696.34


This trip is for the women who are looking to really immerse themselves in a destination versus those who just want to check all of the tourist traps off of their list. The ones who may have settled for watching Anthony Bourdain from the comfort of their couch but went to sleep with dreams of following in his footsteps & seeing the world. It's for women who believe in creating tribes & having the kind of honest, transparent conversations that forge deeper connections. For women who aren't afraid to get out of their comfort zone & try something new but more importantly, the kinda women who aren't afraid to do the personal work to BECOME someone new. We'll talk about work & worthiness & relationships & self care & food & every other random thing under the sun. And there will also probably be a fair amount of cursing too, so if that offends you, you probably shouldn't come. 

Come to think about it.....if you're not interested in opening yourself up to new people, don't come. 
If you're high maintenance, require a lot of hand-holding and/or are scared to be around new people, new foods & new experiences, don't come. 
If you need to be connected to wifi all of the time and can't live without HBO & the Real Housewives of Sioux Falls.....please don't come. 
By all means travel.....just maybe not with me, lol!

As I love to say, Marrakech is unlike anything you've seen before but don't take my word for it....come find out yourself. There are only 6 SPACES REMAINING & if history is a good indicator, this trip will sell out FAST!  Click the link to reserve your space with a FULL PAYMENT or here to pay the DEPOSIT to hold your spot. And if you have any questions, just reply to this email for the fastest response. 

In the meantime, thank you for continuing to follow my journey & support my products & read my words & engage with me as I endeavor to live my best life in this world. Your support means more than I can articulate!

And if the pull of an exciting travel experience is calling your name, I hope to see you in Marrakech this December! 

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