I may have been a bit misleading in my last newsletter--the one where I announced my next trip to Marrakech.

Because I've created a totally new experience for this upcoming retreat in December, I was so focused on letting you know how the retreat was different & why it was more of an investment than my usual retreats that I kinda neglected to stress the most important piece:

I'm not actually selling you an "awesome vacation to Morocco". 
This isn't just a "come hang out in Marrakech" kinda deal. 

Yes, this trip is totally different than what I've created in the past.
More time in Marrakech.
A beautiful luxury riad.
A full-time photographer to document our experience.
New adventures & excursions. 
New cities.
More women to share this experience with.
All of these things are still very much true & you can read more about those details here. 

But truth be told this retreat is MUCH more than that.

What I'm really offering with my Lost & Found Marrakech retreats is an opportunity to transform YOUR OWN life. Because that's what I do in every area of my work--from retreats to coaching & design--I'm in the business of helping you get radically truthful about your life & creating awesome, unconventional opportunities for you to be who you say you are. And what better place to do that than to be totally out of your comfort zone in a new culture with a group of like-minded women??

Because that is precisely what it means to be "Lost & Found"--losing & letting go of everything you think you know about yourself so that you can find & uncover the you who's been waiting. The woman you imagine yourself to be. 

And the value on that kind of experience??
Well, that's priceless. 

DAYKA ROBINSON lost & found marrakech 2018 april FT2.jpg

I created these retreats because I knew I wasn't the only one. I know there are others out there like me who feel the call to travel deep down in their bones. Ones who dream of distant lands & complex flavors & languages their tongues can't yet speak & the kind of amazing connections that come from sitting in random cafes in random cities, somewhere on the other side of the world. Ones who know that the life they have right now is only a fraction of the life they COULD be living. The women who already know, deep down, that they're gonna need to make a radical change to "save" their own lives if they're really going to become the women they've always dreamed they could be. 

My retreats are for those women. 
And if you what I just wrote resonated in your soul, then specifically--they're for you. 

I've hosted women who never previously traveled the world alone before but now consider themselves avid solo travelers. 

I've hosted women whose biggest fear was going on a trip where they didn't know a single soul, only to leave with friendships that have gone the distance. 

I've had women experience 6 days in Marrakech on a Lost & Found retreat only to return home and completely change every single thing about their lives. Jobs. Relationships. Homes. Cities. Everything. 

And to be clear, it's not that I'm performing some secret voodoo ceremonies that cause women to come home & change their lives because--as cool as that sounds--I'm not. I just rely on the truth, knowing that it meets each of us where we are. And instead, through following my own intuition, I've created a space where other women can also live & honor the truth of theirs. Because this is the funny thing about deep, transformative change:

You know when it's calling you. You know when it's your time. The only thing left to do is answer the call. 

And that's exactly what Lost & Found Marrakech is: 
It's a call for those who hear the sound ringing in their souls. 
So the only question to ask now is this: Will you answer???

Deposits for Lost & Found Luxury 2018 are due by June 25th, 2018 & only a few spots are remaining! 
 Click here to reserve your space with a FULL PAYMENT or here to reserve  with a convenient PAYMENT PLAN.  Total trip investment is $4531.72 if paid in full OR you may select a deposit payment of $1050 with 5 easy payments of $696.34. Click here to read more about the retreat details & payment schedule. 

If you have any specific questions, just send an email to dayka@daykarobinson.com to reach me directly. And if this sounds like a good fit for you don't delay--I look forward to meeting you in Marrakech!!