The Dresser I'm Dying Over

This one definitely ranks in my top 10! I'm dying over my newest find, this vintage Baker dresser that's the perfect combination of Modern & Asian.

I fell in love with this dresser for 2 reasons: (1) those lines & fabulous feet and, (2) the original (heavy) brass hardware.  I don't think it would even come close to looking the same without this hardware--there's really not much to it, but in its classically chic shape, it's just enough. The dresser reminds me a bit of what this Jonathan Adler dresser...
and this 1st Dibs find...
would look like if they had a baby. The dresser looks like it's wrapped or embossed with some sort of finish, but I'm not quite sure what to call it. If any of you know what it is, please drop me a line because I've never before run across anything like it! I did a bit of research and found this coffee table from Pieces that looks like it's from the same line because of that rare (embossed??) finish.
I'm desperately in need of dresser for my bedroom so the plan, at least for now, is to use this piece for storage and as a console for my tv. My goal is to design it using 90% vintage/secondhand finds and slowly but surely, my plan is coming together.  So excited about this score.


Too Much Of A Good Thing?


Last weekend Erika stopped by my house for a last minute Room Service planning session.  At the end of the grand tour (and after seeing my garage which is packed to the brim), she turned to me and said--"You have no excuse. You have so much stuff, your house should be finished by now."

                                             Kelly Wearstler's 10,00 sq. ft furniture warehouse via So Haute

And that's probably true. But like I told her, as someone who is always scouting thrift stores and flea markets for buried treasure, it's hard to commit to something when you know your next great find is only days away.  As I've said times over, I only buy things that I really love, so every piece is special and waiting for the perfect place to shine in its full glory.  My goal is to have a home that's at least 80% filled with secondhand items, since reusing is something I firmly believe in. I'm not against buying retail (especially for special accent pieces), but there's nothing like finding an old vintage throwaway with great bones and making it my own.  Case in point? Lamps. I am quickly becoming a vintage lamp hoarder. I'm always buying lamps (even though I already have a solid stash) because there's something about a vintage lamp I just can't turn away from.  Check my latest finds:

I got a pair of each, purchased for 50% off. The 60s lamps with the wooden necks are in great condition, and the white and silver lamps are super sleek and modern. I'm already using some ceramic egg lamps in my bedroom, but I'm now debating about switching those out for these white ones. See what I mean? It's hard to commit! And then there's the bamboo chairs I bought on Craigslist last year (for a ridiculous price):

When I found them, I swore the search for my dining room chairs was over. I bought the paint to refinish them and ordered the bolt of fabric to recover them, but I've since seen others I love and am now wondering if I should really commit to these. How can I ever finish anything with this anxiety on my mind?? This, of course, got me to thinking--can you really have too much of a good thing? And before you jump on the bandwagon, let me just say that I know I can't be the only one with this problem. My garage is FULL of fabulous finds but I can't bring myself to seal the deal, because I know something even more amazing is right on my horizon.
Anyhow, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Weigh in below and tell me if I'm just passionate or plain ol' crazy....


Fab Find!


I've been dying to share this great pair of lamps I found last week.  After neglecting Anthropologie for far too long, I stopped in on a whim and found this pair of lamps sitting on the clearance table for 80% off, which means that they were only $29.99 from their original $150 price tag--score!

I love the weave and detail of the rope.  It's great to find a unique pair of lamps that need nothing more than the perfect lampshades and a place to show them off (unlike the pile of vintage lamps I have in the garage awaiting makeovers!).   

I'm excited to get back to working on my own projects and anxiously awaiting completion of this last week of school so I can get back to spending quality time refinishing furniture & accessories.  It's so close I can taste it!



I got 2 of these chairs this weekend for $25. No, not $25 each, I mean $25 TOTAL! Crazy, right? I know. They were actually supposed to be Lakeitha's (from Home 2 3 Duncan Boys) but she changed her mind at the last minute and called to tell me I could have them (since I told her that I would have to slap her if she didn't get them). Yes Ma'am! I had to meet the guy at his storage unit (which was all the way in the back and would've been very freaky except for the fact that I had my sister with me), and he was surprised that they would even go for $25 because they were green and old. He told me he "didn't think anyone was decorating with green these days" . . . cute old man. He was just happy to be rid of them, and he only charged me $10 to deliver, even though I would've paid $25. Obviously, I couldn't pass them up. I've never had a piece reupholstered and am very excited about tackling the process. My couch is a dark chocolate brown, and the walls are an oatmeal-ish color, so I'm thinking something slightly graphic with color, but I'm known to change my mind. I think nailhead trim is a must, too. I want to take my time and find something I'll love for awhile, so I'll start looking soon, but for now, they're in my garage with my other projects, waiting for the big makeover.

Anyone have any tips I should know or consider before reupholstering? I'm open to fabric suggestions, and if you know of a upholsterer here in Atlanta that you'd recommend, I'd love his/her info!

ps--that is recycling in the back, and not trash thrown haphazardly in the garage. It's a bit messy, but it's for the environment!

$5 Magazines at Amazon 'till 12/1--HURRY!!

Just found out about the $5 magazine sale at Amazon, and I'm so excited that I get to renew my subscription (from years ago) to this magazine:

Magazine & More

They also have other great ones, like People Style Watch,

House Beautiful (which I never read, but I liked this month's issue and am hoping it stays like this. Also, it was only $5 for the year, so why not???),

and Redbook, which I love and I don't care what anyone has to say about it!

This offer is only good until tomorrow (12/1), so hurry up and get over there--don't fault me if you miss out, 'cause I would've told you sooner if I knew!!!

**Redbook is not $5, but all of the magazines are on sale and would make great gifts for those who love them!

Pottery Barn & Internet Browsing

Sutter Jacquard Bed Skirt

Saw this little ditty on Pottery Barn's site yesterday in the 75% off Clearance section. I love greek key, and I love bedskirts, too, so it's too bad that I can't use something like this with my bed (or my guest bed, either). At $39.99 (down from $129.99), it really is a great deal. While I liken sleeping in my bed to resting on a cloud in the sky, the whole thing is a monstrosity. The boxspring used to do make the bed do all kinds of fun things like lift and vibrate (get your mind out of the gutter!), but since it doesn't work anymore, it's just a 200 lb., 15 inch thing deep sitting here and making it difficult to manuver the bed around the room. I would love to get rid of my bed and find a short headboard from the thrift store that can be repainted or upholstered. I would love to have something like this from Mitchell+Gold with shorter posts, and maybe minus the footboard, too. I mean, I like the bed as is, but it's not what I'm "looking" for at this point (I use looking in quotes because I'm not actually getting anything right now. I need to be focused on other things besides a new bed.). But back to dream land . . . .

image 1433141926-0

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

And it really is. I love this time of year because it's a very important time for the discerning shopper. While most people are super focused on preparing for Halloween (whether that means costumes, parties, or house decorating), there are a select few who are already on the prowl for Christmas stuff. Hello, I am one of those people. While I purchased this year's ornaments last year (and bought a TON of stuff like this at 80% off) . . .
I'm still paying attention to what's coming out because I LOVE Christmas ornaments and decorations (not the cheesy kind, though). So I give this lead in to set up today's discussion about the "Dollar Tree" store. Last year I purchased some ornaments at Dollar Tree and was pleasantly surprised at their selection! I really believe they have something for everyone there, even if you're a "big budget" holiday decorator. While having lunch the other day I passed a Dollar Tree and saw some items I plan on picking up for next year's tree, which will probably be a bit more traditional. I bought a card in the store and found out that some items are less than a dollar, which means, depending on what you find, you're likely to get 2 or 3 ornaments for $1!!!! If that's not a steal, I don't know what is. They have some nice stuff and the time to go is now, while everyone else's (can I say "else's"???) head is turned the other way with Halloween. Once the 31st passes you'll have to visit several stores to find the quantity/style you need. Now I have to pat myself on the back for my perseverance today because I tried to take photos earlier but my battery was down, so I came home and charged it and then went back . . . especially for you. Come with me ("and you'll be in a world of pure imagination," as Willy Wonka would say) . . . .
Lots of good looking stuff on this wall.
Personally, I always love 1 or 2 large impact pieces on my tree like feathers, flowers, ornament balls, etc. This flower doesn't look so hot in this photo, but it was cute in person and it was only $1!!!!! In the past I've spent $50 alone on just these pieces, so getting 15 for $15 is a deal.
For those of you considering going with bright colors (or silver & white, all white or whatever), these balls are great. This whole set up is probably $8.
I really like these and am thinking about getting them just to have. They don't look like $.50 ornaments either.
**after reading this item before posting, I've decided that they might look like $.50 ornaments, but if so they would be the kind from Target that were marked down to $.50 after the season. This distinction needed to be made, because it's different than "dollar store" cheap. Moving on . . .
Now I don't even need to narrate this one--you know this is a good deal.
Plenty of those door handle thingamajiggs. I'm not sure that I need (well, I don't need ANY of this stuff, so I should say want) one, but if I were to get one, I would choose from the rustic looking section on the left.
Now this wall is probably a touchy subject, but I'm not advocating for using them on the nightstand in your home. For those of you who like to make wreaths using flowers (versus berries or ribbon), this might be your stop.
Everyone loves a bow. I don't like how these turned out looking so ashy on camera, but they were pretty decent in real life. Great for wreaths, doors, car grills (hey, people do it . . ), etc. Also, peep the wreath hangers and ribbon.
I also saw lots of wire and wire cutters in the back. They even had that grocery store tie stuff (bread) on a roll, which is great to have around if you're crafty like me. So, lots of good finds, right??? I know. If you don't have a Dollar Tree in your area, check your dollar store and see what's available. Let me know what you find, too.

And in other news, LaTasha at Symone's Mommy's Blog has done a blog spotlight on little ol' me!!! I'm so excited because this is my first blog shout out from someone who's not already my friend!!!! It's so nice to know that people are reading and interested in what I post. Now that I'm into this blogging thing I understand why people ask for comments. I used to think it was like begging for complements, but I understand now that if no one ever writes anything, we bloggers start to feel like comedians doing stand up to an empty room. Thank you to my friends and wonderful sister, who encourage me to continue posting, and thanks to those of you who stumbled upon me from other places as well. Please check out LaTasha's blog, and if you're into thrift store furniture finds pay close attention because she gets the best stuff (and I really mean that) for the lo-lo! I wish I lived closer so we could be thrift store friends--she could show me where the deals are, and I'd show her how to refinish the stuff she finds!

Sorry this is so long, but thanks for staying with me!